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Bridget Loughlin, County heritage Officer passsed on the following interesting information.

Early Medieval Archaeology Project (INSTAR EMAP) has launched its major reports on early medieval Ireland at http://www.emap.ie/

EMAP's 2009 (and 2008) full research reports are now available to
download at emap.ie http://www.emap.ie/

The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) is funded by the Heritage
Council's Irish National Strategic Archaeological Research (INSTAR)
programme. The EMAP Project Progress Report 2009 (listing the
project's public lectures, PhD and MA research, publications and other
activities in 2009) is now available to download. Research
reports, bibliographies and database lists are now also available to
download -- creating a major resource for all interested in this
fascinating period in Ireland's past.

Early Medieval Ireland: Archaeological Excavations 1930-2004
http://www.emap.ie/emap_reports.html EMAP Principal
Investigators edited and re-wrote to publication standard the text of a
book, which will be published by the RIA http://www.ria.ie/ in Autumn
2010. This will be the _first academic synthesis_ of early medieval
archaeology in Ireland in 20 years. The original 2008 report -- now
greatly improved for the book - can be downloaded by clicking on the
report title above.

Early Medieval dwellings and settlements in Ireland, AD
400-1100: Vol. 2 A Gazetteer of Site Descriptions version 1
http://www.emap.ie/emap_reports.html In 2009, EMAP completed a
comprehensive first draft of a gazetteer of 228 early medieval
settlements. Each gazetteer entry provides details on site name,
location, director and license, a concise site description, all known
radiocarbon dates and a full bibliography -- a significant new resource
for all scholars interested in past settlement and landscape. This PDF
has a live contents page (click on site names) and is searchable by
county, site name or by hundreds of archaeological feature -- for
example type the word 'house' into the find tool and click return. In
2010, EMAP will progress to write a monograph on early medieval
dwellings and settlements in Ireland, in their European context.

A Bibliography of Early Medieval Archaeology in Ireland:
Version 2 http://www.emap.ie/emap_reports.html This is an update of
EMAP's previous bibliography. It now has 5,000 bibliographical
references, organized thematically from settlement, to economy, to human
osteology. The PDF is searchable -- for example, put 'Ryan, M.' in find
tool and click return for 2 pages of early medieval metalwork references
or 'Lynn, C.' for dozens of papers on early medieval settlements. In
2010, this bibliography will be available as an online searchable database.

A Database of Early Medieval Archaeological Excavations in
Ireland, 1930-2004 http://www.emap.ie/emap_reports.html  This is
EMAP's 2008 database of 2,208 early medieval excavated sites. In 2010,
this will be made available as an online searchable database on the EMAP
web portal.

INSTAR EMAP is an North/South, inter-institutional,
university/professional archaeological sector collaborative research
project, with Principal Investigators in *Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan
http://www.ucd.ie/archaeology/staff/draidanosullivan  (UCD School of
Archaeology http://www.ucd.ie/archaeology/index.html and Dr Finbar
(Queens University Belfast http://www.qub.ac.uk ) and project
partners in CRDS http://crds.ie/, Archer Heritage Planning
http://www.archerheritage.ie/, ACS http://www.acsltd.ie/ and
Margaret Gowen & Co. http://www.mglarc.com/ EMAP aims to carry out
innovative research on early medieval Ireland and provide reports,
publications and online searchable bibliographies and databases to
support all associated research in Ireland and beyond.

We would like to thank all our colleagues in Irish archaeology. In the
preparation of the major EMAP Site Gazetteer of Early Medieval Dwellings
and Settlements we sought permission from all site directors to read
their unpublished reports. Without exception, all site directors and
companies contacted gave permissions and their full and enthusiastic
support to the project -- all this at a time of great difficulty in
professional Irish archaeology. We would like to warmly acknowledge the
professionalism, dedication and commitment of archaeologists in Ireland
to the understanding and public appreciation of Ireland's cultural heritage.

The project's aims, team details, PhD and MA graduate students research
activities; online reports and other resources can be downloaded at the
project's Early Medieval Archaeology Research Portal at  http://www.emap.ie/ For further details about EMAP, please see www.emap.ie  or contact

*Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan*,
UCD School of Archaeology,
College of Arts and Celtic Studies,
University College Dublin,
Belfield, Dublin 4


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