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A Life of Sir Horace Plunkett - Outstanding Visionary and Pioneer
Maurice Colbert
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This timely publication charts the life of an outstanding Irishman who was, an architect of the country’s economic resurgence in the years leading up to Independence. Horace Plunkett has been compared to outstanding Irishmen such as Daniel O’Connell; Charles Stewart Parnell; Michael Davitt; and more recently, Sean Lemass and Ken Whitaker.
When Plunkett returned to Ireland, having ranched in Wyoming, he was mindful of the enormous impact of the industrial revolution on rural communities, not least in North America and Europe.
To bring about an efficient and market led farming and food sector similar to the United States and capable of competing in world markets was Plunkett’s life mission.
In time Plunkett handpicked some of the finest brains for the challenging work ahead.  By the turn of the century the key elements in Irish agriculture were in place with the setting up of the Cooperatives and the Department of Agriculture; and Plunkett was the architect of both.
Plunkett was to become known as the one man capable of getting things done in Ireland and speedily.  He combined idealism with great vision, and 0steely determination, and resolve.  He was also blessed with a pragmatic streak, and he packed quite a lot into a lifetime.
Plunkett was beset by a variety of major illnesses which frequently incapacitated him.  But his sturdy spirit remained indomitable to the very end.
With his work for his country transcending any political considerations it was ironic that his patriotism was rewarded by the wanton destruction and burning of his new home in South Dublin in the latter days of the civil war.
Plunkett proved a formidable and great leader at a very critical stage in the development of the country’s rural economy.  His life and work have a striking relevance to the Ireland of 2009.
Plunkett’s legacy continues.
Copies of the book can be purchased directly from the author at:

086 821 9584 or email mcolbert@live.ie
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