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Kildare Observer 30th June 1906
Missing Heir Found In Celbridge Workhouse
Big Estate Left In America
The heir to the White estate, recently advertised for by Mr Dunne, solicitor, of New York, has been found by him after a long search. He has been traced in the person of James Nolan to the Infirmary attached to the Celbridge Workhouse. For several weeks Mr Dunne has been residing in Dublin, endeavouring to find the whereabouts of sundry heirs to properties left by deceased Irishmen in the United States, and during his inquiries he learnt that the heir or heirs to the estate left in America by the late Mr White would be found in the County Wexford.
Having gone there, he eventually learned that the man of whom he was in search – James Nolan – had been in the employment of some milling company in the neighbourhood of Leixlip. The result of the further inquiries, on the Dublin and Kildare borders was that on Wednesday last Mr. Dunne, accompanied by Mr Lawlor, P.L.G., North Dublin Union, drove to the Celbridge Workhouse, and there found the fortunate man, James Nolan, who, being slightly ill, was an inmate of the infirmary. Mr Dunne is satisfied that Nolan is the missing heir, and it is possible that within a very short time he will be in possession of such a fortune as he never even dreamt of. It may be mentioned that Mr Dunne, the solicitor interested, lays claim to being a County Kildare man, his father having been an old and respected resident of Athy.

The Kildare Observer of June 1906 reports on the good fortune of a resident of Celbridge Workhouse.

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