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Leinster Leader 25/5/29
War Graves
The following was read from the Commissioners of Public Works – “According to records supplied to us by the Imperial War Graves Commission, which have been duly verified by our Investigating Officer, the soldiers named on the enclosed list served in the Great War and are buried in Naas New (R.C.) Cemetery. We propose, after obtaining all necessary consents of the next of kin, to erect over each of the graves, not already marked by a private memorial, a headstone conforming with the standard designs adopted by the Imperial War Graves Commission. The standard headstone measures 1ft. 3ins. wide and 2ft. 8ins. above the ground. It bears the regimental badge and particulars together with a religious emblem in each case if desired. We shall be obliged if you will grant formal permission to erect headstones over these graves by signing the enclosed form. We suggest that as usual, in the case of these war graves, permission to erect the headstones be granted gratis. We would further be glad of an assurance, so far as the Cemetery Authority is concerned, that if and when the headstones are erected they will remain undisturbed”.
The enclosed form contained the following names of soldiers whose remains are interred in the New Cemetery:-
Pte.J.Fleming, South Irish Horse
Sergt. W. Kenny, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
D./Cpl. J.Doran, Depot Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Q/Sergt. P.J. Burke, R.F.A.
Pte. P.Lawlor, 7th Hussars.
Sp. T. Kerrigan, Royal Engineers.
Pte. A.McGarr, 7/Royal Dublin fusiliers.
Pte. M. Byrne, Depot Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Pte. C. Reilly, 5/Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Pte. M. McGlynn    do.
Rifleman E.Noone, 3/Irish Rifles
Pte. S. Maguire, 5/Leinster Regiment.
Pte. W. Whelan, 3/R.D. Fusiliers.
Pte. P. Brien, R.D. Fusiliers.
Pte. S. Harris, 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Pte. R.B. Beveridge, R.A.S.C.
Mr. Doyle: It is a very fine proposal.
Mr. Dowling: The Council has n objection to giving all the consents and assurances required.
The Chairman made an order to this effect.

Kildare County Council gives permission for the erection of headstones over the graves of soldiers buried in Naas New (R.C.) cemetery who served in the Great War.

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