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Graveyard Transcriptions - Ladychapel Graveyard, Maynooth

[editors note: Ladychapel Graveyard is in Maynooth]
Ladychaple Graveyard, Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland
This is an old graveyard which was restored in 1989.
The graves are listed in no particular order and it is a partial listing.
This stone was Erected by, Patrick Archbold in memory of his father, James Archbold, who Departed January, 16th , 1803, aged, 63, years, also his Brother, Mathew, died, May, 1781, aged, 16, years.
This stone was erected by Patrick Cafey, of Larbrien in memory of his father, Richard who departed this Life, 10th October 1778, aged 74, also four of his children, and a child of said Patrick.
This stone was erected by, John Colgan, in memory of his Brother, James Colgan, who Departed this life, September 20th 1770. Aged,
29, years. 
In memory of Eleanor Coleman Warren, Died, 3rd November 1931, Esther Coleman Died. 3rd May 1955, Joseph Coleman, Died, 6th August, 1959.
In loving memory of Laurence J.Coleman, Ladychaple, died, 8th March 1922, His Wife, Annie, died, 14th September 1929. Their sons, Walter, died, 20th April 1911, Laurence J. 26th January 1944, Patrick, died, 25th January 1963, Marian Colgan. Died. 6th April 1904.
Erected by, Mary Teresa Corrigan, in memory of her beloved Husband, Simon, who died, 23rd October 1910 aged 60 years.
Erected by Mary Corbally, in memory of her beloved Father, Elias Corbaly, who died 16th March 1883, also her beloved Mother Anne Corbally, who died, 10th November 1883.
This stone was erected by Denis Doolin, of Celbridge, to the memory of his posterity 1772.
Erected by William Dunne, of Farnathum, in memory of his beloved wife, Mary, who departed this life, June 6th 1871, aged 64 years, , also their Daughter, Catherine, June 1st 1866, aged 11 years. The above names William Dunne, died, August 13th 1875 aged, 70 years, also their Son, Barthlemew, died, May 30th 1885 aged 47 years, also their son, Richard, died, August 7th 1885 aged 46 years, also their son, Martin, died, May 30th 1892 aged 56 years.
Erected by Garrett Farrell, of the Parish of Kilcock, to the memory of his Mother Mary Farrell who departed this life 25th September 1810 aged 30 years, also his Father Daniel Farrell, departed this life 25th March 1818, aged 63 years. To the memory of Edward Farrell, Son of Daniel Farrell 20th October1822 aged 9 years.
Erected by Daniel Farrell in memory of his beloved Mother Anne Farrell who died 6th June 1868 and his Father, Garrett Farrell who died 29th December 1869 aged 74 years. Also Edward Brother of Garrett Farrell who died while young.
This monument was erected by John Flinn, in memory of his father, Peter Flinn, who departed this life, November 7th 1806 aged 61, , also two of his brothers, Nicholas and Laughlin and his sister, Mary, she departed this life, October 9th 1824.
Rest in peace.
Erected by Mrs Catherine Fields, Kilcock, in memory of her beloved husband, Patrick Fields, who departed this life June 14th 1860, aged 60. also her beloved son, Peter Fields, who departed this life, June 14th 1860 aged 60 years, also her beloved son, Peter Fields, who departed this life, May 26th 1879 aged 26 years. Mrs. Catherine Fields, died, 27th December 1892 aged 70 years, Francis Fields, died 8th August 1893,John Fields, died, 1st March 1916, Patrick Fields, died, 1st August 1917, Tom Fields, died, 1st January 1927.
Erected by, Mrs. Annie Gill, of Kilross, Co., Tipperary, in memory of her beloved Husband, Patrick Gill, Who departed this life, December 25th 1871, Aged, 25 years. Also her son, Patrick Joseph, who died, young.
Erected by, Patrick Kelly, of Ladychaple , Co. Kildare, in memory of his Daughter, Catherine Kelly, who died , October, 15th, 1850, aged, 31, years, also Mary Kelly, died, July 16th 1847, aged 28, years.
Erected by, Mrs. Jane Gore, Kilcock, in memory of her beloved husband, Thomas Gore, who departed this life, 14th April 1862, aged 45, 
Also her beloved daughter, Kate C.Gore, who died 26th January 1889, aged 27 years.
In memory of William Hanway, died, 24th December 1985. Jane M. Hanaway, 26th January 193? And their children, Dr. William, died 2nd September 1923, Mary Jane, died, 22nd February 1925, Patrick Joseph, died, 29th November 194?, Margaret Mary, died, 25th October 1945?
This stone and burial place belonged to Patrick Megan & his posterity. Here lyeth his wife, Mary Megan, alias Malone, who departed this Life , 8th July, 1754, also his Father, Bryan Megan & Elenor his Mother.
Erected by Paul Mooney, in memory of his beloved Parents, Nicholas and Margaret Mooney, the former departed this life 6th July 1845 and the latter on the 25th March 1836. Here also lie the remains of the above named Paul Mooney, who departed this life, 29th July1887, aged 86 years.
Erected by, Patrick McGrath, of Celbridge, in memory of his beloved wife, Ellen, who departed this life on the 5th January 1868, aged 61 years. Also in memory of his Father, Richard, McGrath, who departed this life the 6th of May1824 aged 55 years, and in memory of his Mother, Bridget McGrath, who departed this life, the 8th of August 1845 aged 74.
Erected by John Monks in memory of his father, Thomas Monks, who died, 11th March 1795 aged 60 years, also his mother, Mary Monks, who died, March 17th 1807 aged 55 years, and his sister, Catherine Monks, who died, March 7th 1807, aged 18 years, his uncle, Richard O’Toole, who died, October 6th 1807 aged 97 years.
This stone was erected by William Moran, of South Great Georges St. in the city of Dublin, in memory of his wife, Mary Moran, who departed this life 9th of January 1809, in the 34 year of her age.
This monument erected by Robert O’Brian , Baltracy in memory of his son Mark O’Brian who departed this life, 10th December 1817 aged 20 years.
Erected by Mary Anne Ratigan, in fond and loving memory of her dearly beloved husband, Richard Ratigan, who died at his residence, Baltrady, 3rd November 1914 aged 63 years, , his wife, Mary Anne Ratigan, died 23rd October 1923 aged 60.
This Stone Erected by Mary Reily, to the memory of her beloved Husband, John Reily, who departed this life, October the 18th 1797 aged 58 Years. Here lies 4 of their Children.
In loving memory of our dear parents, Bernard Reilly, who died at his residence, Pagestown Co. Meath, November 22nd 1871, aged, 94. His Wife, Anne, who died, June 18th 1882, Aged 53. Their son, James, who Died, December 8th 1878. Aged 23. And their Grandson, Bernard Joseph, who died at his parent’s residence, Blyth Avenue, Church Road, Dublin, May 3rd 1857, aged 7.
Thomas Reilly, who Died, 16th April 1910, aged 51,, and their daughter, Anne Reilly, who Died, 7th May 1922 aged 64 years.
In loving memory of, Oliver Ryan, Laragh, died, 2nd April 1986, aged 64 years. His parents, Daniel, Died, 28th May 1926, aged, 65 years, Katherine, Died, 5th February 1915 aged 85 years. Patrick Ryan, Died, 20th November 1996, Brigid Ryan, Died, 4th August 1956, Rest in Peace, Erected by their loving, Family.
Of your charity pray for the soul of Catherine A. Ryan, who deceased September 26th 1849 aged 27 years.
Beneath this monument the mortal remains of Thomas Swords of Maynooth, Esq. who departed this life on the 18th August 1826, in the 77 year of his age. In Manners kind and conciliatory. In disputation humane and generous. In friendship steady and disinterested, characterised not less. By purity of principle than by integrity of life. He enjoyed the sincere and disinterested characterised not less, and died deeply regretted by his sorrowing family, by an extensive circle of friends and by the poor who lost in him a bounteous benefactor. To perpetuate the memory of a revered and lamented parent. To record the final piety of his affectionate and afflicted
Children. The memorial of his many virtues is inscribed to the tenderise and best of fathers
Erected by, Mr. Christopher Souhan of Ballycahan, in memory of his beloved Wife, Mrs, Rose Soughan, who died, 21st January 1826 aged 55 years. Also his beloved mother, Catherine, who died, 4th June 1826, aged, 38, and his beloved Father, James, who died, 19th January 1828 aged 13 years, also his beloved daughter, Julia, who died, 10th November 1873 aged 24, also the above named Mr. Christopher Sourhan, who died, 1st September 1880, aged 72 years, also his beloved Son, Patrick, who died 6th April 1894 aged 54 years, also his beloved Son, Patrick, who died, 6th April 1894 aged 54 years, also his beloved daughter, Bride Mary, who died, 19th February 1900 aged 55 years, Mary Murray, died, January ? 1927.
This stone and burial place belongs to Patrick Travers and his Pofictity 1777.
In loving memory of The Travers Family, Jane, died 29th July 1922 aged 33. Mark, died 4th November 1922 aged 70. Marie, died 15th January 1936 aged 8. Rosana, died 15th June 1950 aged 71. Josephine, died 11th June 1961 aged 62, her husband Joseph, died 27th April 1982. Loughlin Dunne, infant grand son of Mark and Rosana, died, April, 1933.
This stone is Erected to the memory of Patrick Travers, Graiguesallagh who erected a memorial to the Traver’s Family in Ladychaple in 1777, also to the memory of Nicholas Travers, Johnstown, died 1882, his wife, Margaret, who predeceased him, and their sons, Patrick, died, 1899, Nicholas, 1909, Thomas, 1912, Richard, 1914 , Ellen, wife of Patrick, died, 1927, Henry, died, 1891, James, 1936, Edward, 1946, Edward, 1946, Patrick, 1961, and Elizabeth, wife of Patrick 1914, sons, and daughter in law, of the above, Patrick and Ellen Travers, Ita, died, 1938, and Joseph, 1942, grand children of the above, Patrick and Ellen Travers, Alice, wife of Joseph, died 1989. In memory of all buried here, rest in peace.
Erected by James Quinn, in memory of his Mother, Mary Quinn, who departed April 1780 aged 1780 aged 67, also Elizabeth Quinn
His wife, who departed July 16th 1780, and Richard Quinn, his Father, who departed February 1st 1781 aged, 68.
Of your charity, pray for the happy repose of the soul of Peter Turner, of Straffan, who departed this life, April 22nd 1875 aged 96 years, also his father, Patrick Turner, of Kilmurray , who died at Straffan, February 20th 1818 aged 92 years, also for his father, John Turner of Loughtown, who  died at Leixlip, Co., Kildare, March 1788 aged 90 years, also Richard Turner, killed in the Irish Army at the Battle of Ovidstown in 1799 aged 23 years.
Erected by Michael Treacy of Rooske, in memory of his beloved Wife, Mary, who died, 5th December 1901 aged 46, Here also is interred the remains of the above named Michael Treacy, who died, 2oth August 1905 aged 70 years.
This Stone was Burial place of was Erected by Patrick Troy, in memory of his Daughter Elizabeth Troy, who died, June 17th 1767 aged 23, years.

Graveyard Transcriptions from Ladychapel from Anna Ryan. If anybody has transcribed memorials in a County Kildare graveyard we would be interested to add them to the site. Thanks to Anna for offering her transcriptions to us. People interested in this area in Ireland generally should take a look at Internment.net

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