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1798 REBELLION - 25/10/1798 Newspaper account of Rebel hanging

25/10/1798 Freeman’s Journal

        A Rebel, named Patrick Daly, was on Friday hanged at Kilcullen Bridge. He was convicted on trial by a Court Martial, of having been one of a gang who robbed and destroyed the Mailcoach at Red Gap, on the 13th of September last. In carrying off the plunder, he had found means to conceal from his companions a portmateau containing upwards of 300l.-but, being afterwards accused and tried by them for the fact, he was sentenced regularly by a Rebel Court Martial to be flogged for the fraud; he contrived, however, to escape out of their powers, and was actually hiding from their pursuit, when he was seized by a party of the army.









Freeman's Journal account of a Rebel execution at Kilcullen Bridge, October 1798.

[Compiled by Mario Corrigan; typed and edited by Niamh Mc Cabe]

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