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The Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903 - Leinster Leader June 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 27 June 1903 – Page 5.

The weekly meeting was held on Tuesday. Present:– Messrs. Michael Molloy, V.C. (in the chair); John Hammond, M.P., W. J. Haughton, John Whelan, Thomas Murphy, C. J. Johnson, E. J. Byrne, W. M. Douglas.

The following was read from the G.S. and W. Railway Company:– “Dear Sir, - I beg to acknowledge receipt of your communication of 20th inst., in connection with the special trains for the Automobile Race, and to inform you that the matter should have attention.

Mr. Whelan said it was a great oversight on the part of the Company not to have the special trains running through Carlow, being a more important than Athy . He did not see why they should have thought it necessary to make Athy the terminus.

Mr. Hammond said Athy would be the more central position, and the cars would pass there seven times, and only three times in Carlow, but it would be very desirable if the Company would send the specials, or some of them on to Carlow.

It was decided that the Clerk should again communicate with the Railway Company on the subject.