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The Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903 - Leinster Leader February 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 7 February 1903 – Page 7.

Present:- Messers. Wm. Staples (in the chair), S. J. Brown, Wm. Quinn, A. J. Carleton, D. Patterson and T. Kilmurray.


The circular from the Automobile Club in reference to the race proposed to be held in Kildare, starting from Naas and finishing there, was read by the town clerk.– Mr.. Quinn: Everybody is aware that two gentlemen were here from London, and they were over the course and very much pleased with it. Mr. Staples: I met these two gentlemen, and I presume Mr. Brown met them. Mr. Brown: Oh, yes, Mr. Quinn: They said that they were very pleased with the course. Mr. Brown: Yes, and pleased with the reception that they got in going over the course. Chairman: We assured them that this being a sporting country they would meet with a good reception. Mr. Carleton said that the Council would be very foolish if they did not approve of the resolution. Mr. Quinn proposed, and Mr. Carleton seconded, a resolution approving of the project of holding the race in the district, and promising their support to the Bill. Mr. Carleton said he agreed with everything that had been said. Mr. Quinn said he was sure that the people of Naas would not be backward in coming forward to support the project of holding the race in Kildare. Mr. Patterson: Certainly, Mr. Brown said that he had suggested that the race should not take place at such an early hour in the morning as 3 o’clock and that it should be started at a later hour in the day. The roads in July would be free from 1 o’clock in the day. Mr. Carleton: What is the total length of the course? Mr. Quinn: 131 miles. Mr. Inglis: 99 of which are in Kildare. Mr. Brown also mentioned that in addition to the general expenditure consequent upon the holding of the race in Kildare, the roads would be greatly improved by the fact of a steam roller being introduced. They all knew that the Sallins Road had benefited enormously by steam-rolling.- The resolution was put and carried unanimously.