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The Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903 - Leinster Leader June 1903

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Leinster Leader, Saturday 6 June 1903 - Page 7

Present:- Messrs. Thos. Hickey, J.P., chairman, presiding; M. J. Minch, J.P.; T. Plewman, J.P.; J. B. Deegan, V.C.; M. Doyle, M. E. Doyle and m. Kelly.

Mr. J. Colemen, Town Surveyor, reported as follows:- Gentlemen.– I beg to report that I consider the roof on Mr. J. J. Bergin’s old house in Duke street to be in a dangerous state. The roof should be made safe. I beg to lay before you the necessity for providing at least ten new public lamps this year, as a great many of the old ones will not bear repairing. I beg to remind you that the day before the Motor Race will be our cattle and horse fair, and on that day there will be practice of motors and placing of stewards along the course so that it may interfere with the traffic and may cause accidents at places. Mr. Minch said that the Clerk might write to the Secretary of the Automobile Club that the greatest care and caution should be taken as it will be fair day here. This was agreed to.

A letter was read from Mr. Orde, secretary of the Automobile Club, acknowledging letter received from the Council suggesting that the control at Athy should be extended a certain distance outside the town so as to leave a full passage to the Geraldine road. Mr. Orde said that the matter would receive consideration after Whitsuntide. The Chairman said there was an opinion prevalent that the control would stop at the railway bridge, and they wished to have it extended to the Model school. Mr. M. J. Minch: The Control will now be the Urban District. That’s settled.