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Mission Statement

  • Increased opportunities for children to participate in sport and physical recreation.
  • Higher levels of participation in physical recreation by low participation groups.
  • Implementation of our Strategic Plan to Increase Participation in Physical Activity by People with a Disability, Women and Girls, Youth, Disadvantaged groups.
  • Enhanced sport and club development, education and service.
  • Priorities for local facilities provision and upgrading and better use and management of facilities.
  • Easier access to information regarding the provision of sport and recreation.
  • Improved collaboration between the key agencies and better use of resources.

The three main functions of Kildare Sports Partnership are as follows

  • Information:- To provide information on sport and physical activity.
  • Education:- To provide/support quality opportunities for education and training at local level.
  • Implementation:- To implement a locally developed Strategic Plan which will include the implementation of national programme at local level.