Heritage Organisations

Co. Kildare's Main Heritage Organisations

Heritage Organisations


Co.Kildare Federation of Local History Groups

The County Kildare Federation of Local History Groups was formed in 1999 in order to optimise the resources of local groups.


County Kildare Archaeological Society

The County Kildare Archaeological Society is the oldest Society in Ireland to have continued under the same name and has thrived and grown over the past one hundred and twenty years since its foundation.

Genealogy Department Kildare Library & Arts Service

The Genealogy Department provides a Genealogical Research Service for people whose ancestors originated in Co. Kildare, from researchers with Kildare based knowledge and expertise.


Heritage Officer Programme

Kildare County Council appointed a Heritage Officer in November 2002. The Heritage Officer Programme is a partnership arrangement between the Local Authority and the Heritage Council.


Local Studies Department Kildare Library & Arts Service

The Local Studies Department forms an integral part of the County Library service and ultimately, in partnership with Genealogy and Archives, is an integral part of the Riverbank Cultural Campus.

NUIM History Forum

The NUIM History Forum embraces the concepts of the ‘new history’ that seeks interdisciplinary approaches to the past with a strong belief that Irish local history can illuminate and inform on national movements and events.

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