Feile na Samhna

Celebrate with FADA and your community and raise your spirits. Beat the world crisis blues. Taste, smell, hear and see Newbridge in a new light. Sow some seeds for your community in a fun, positive way. Gather ideas, information. Be creative. Jam-pac

Feile na Samhna

Georges StreetNewbridge

Event Details

  • Fri 30 Oct - Sat 31 Oct  2009
  • 18:00 Friday 11:00 to 16:30 Sturday

  • Cost: Free

  • Venue Details
    Georges Street


File na Samhna is  organized by FADA and Starting with The Battle of the Bands on Friday evening, The Festival continues in and around Georges Street on  Saturday and will include:

  • Arts and Crafts Demonstrations,
  • Gardeners Corner,
  • Craft Stalls,
  • Food Stalls,
  • Extraordinary Vegetable Competition,
  • Seedsaving Competition,
  • Pumpkin carving Competition,
  • Barter Tent,
  • Fancy Dress Competition,
  • Public Talks,
  • Film Showings,
  • Discussion,
  • Story and Poetry Readings.

And for the Children;

  • Story Telling,
  • Massive Bubble Blowing,
  • Instant Orchestra,
  • Conkers Championships Contest,
  • Games,
  • Films,
  • Stories
  • Music

See our website www.fada.ie for more details.


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