Celine Byrne

Celine Byrne in concert in the Long Gallery

Celine Byrne

Castletown HouseCelbridge


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  • Sat 21 Sep  2019
  • 8.00pm

  • Cost: €35

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    Castletown House


  • 01 6288252
  • castletown@opw.ie
  • www.castletown.ie

Celine Byrne is a lyric soprano from Kildare, Ireland. 

She received her Masters in Music from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in 2007.

In 2007 Celine was awarded the First Prize and Gold Medal at the Maria Callas Grand Prix, Athens.

Celine is now recognised nationally and internationally as one of opera's great stars.

A frequent concert performer, Celine is very familiar to both Irish and international audiences and has also performed with world-renowned tenors Jos?? Carreras, Roberto Alagna and Joseph Calleja. 

Celine Byrne
NK Management, Niamh Tyndall 
Tel: 01 427 8400 
Email: info@nkmanagement.ie
Website: www.celinebyrne.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/celinebyrnesoprano/
Twitter: twitter.com/celinesoprano
Instagram: www.instagram.com/celinesoprano/

Castletown House
'This I believe is the only house in Ireland to which the term Palace can be applied' - Richard Twiss 1775. 
Castletown House is just 20km from Dublin City Centre

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