Blazing a Trail - Irish Women who Changed the World

Curated by award-winning writer, Sarah Webb and Illustrated by Lauren O’Neill

Blazing a Trail - Irish Women who Changed the World

Riverbank Arts CentreNewbridge


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  • Sat 11 May - Wed 31 Jul  2019

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    Riverbank Arts Centre

    Main Street

  • 045 448330

Starts: Saturday 11th May, 2019 - 10.00am
Ends: Wednesday 31st July, 2019 - 5.00pm

The women in this vibrant exhibition have excelled in the arts and entertainment, science and medicine, politics, sports, aviation and adventure.

Find out about some of Ireland's most remarkable women who changed or are changing history including:

Eileen Gray (1878-1986), Designer and Architect

Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (1903-1971), Newbridge-born Scientist

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (b. 1943), Astrophysicist

Mary Robinson (b. 1944), first woman President of Ireland

Sonia O’Sullivan (b. 1969) World Champion Athlete

In total there will be over 18 panels on display, illuminating the lives of these extraordinary women with pictures and stories.

Sarah Webb's book which features these women and many others from history, Blazing a Trail, illustrated by Lauren O’Neill, is published by O'Brien Press.

This exhibition was first presented by DLR LexIcon in October 2018.

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