CEIST All Ireland Bake Off 2019

Secondary school baking competition

CEIST All Ireland Bake Off 2019

Ard Scoil Na TrionoideAthy

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  • Mon 4 Mar  2019

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    Ard Scoil Na Trionoide


Two categories : junior and senior 

The fifth CEIST All-Ireland Bake-Off will take place in Ardscoil na Tr??on??ide, Athy on 04 March 2019
The competition is sponsored by Odlums. The queen of baking, Catherine Leyden from Odlums and Ireland AM, is chief judge.

The competition is designed to give students the opportunity to tap into their design and creative skills and give it expression through culinary art. 
Many schools around the country hold their own bake-off to give students the chance to develop these skills and achieve a sense of fulfillment. 
The competition also raises the profile of Home Economics within the school curriculum. 
Links are forged as students and teachers from all over the country spend an enjoyable day together.

This year’s bake-off has a junior and senior competition. 
The senior competition features the theme of "Family" while the junior competition is open. 

Follow the competition on Twitter @ceistbakeoff or contact the organisers, Jackie or Margaret, by phoning Ardscoil na Tr??on??ide at 059 8633151 if you have any queries.

More Information at: https://www.ceist.ie/event/ceist-all-ireland-bake-off-2019/

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