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Leinster Leader 7 April 1900

Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Naas Urban Council are contemplating a step which will command the warm approval of the townspeople. They propose to organise a volunteer fire brigade and to purchase fire extinguishing appliances. Now that an abundant and high pressure water supply is available it is of the greatest importance that ample means should be provided for making it effective in the case of serious conflagration. Naas fortunately for itself has enjoyed singular immunity from fires. If any extensive outbreaks had taken place in the past disastrous results would have course been inevitable, and even at the present moment a big conflagration would be fraught with enormous losses owing to the lack of well-equipped fire brigade. Some of the Commissioners appear to think that the cost of a good hose and other requirements is too high. But economy in a matter of this kind would be false, indeed criminal. No ratepayer would grudge a generous outlay on modern appliances, as it would be in reality a cheap and simple form of collective fire insurance.

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