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This town has set an example worthy of imitation to places of older growth. We do not know of any town in the province progressing so rapidly in all the elements of prosperity as Newbridge; nor is there any town in the County of Kildare, which affords so much encouragement for industrial enterprise, in point of central position and available resources — contiguous to the Curragh Camp — on the banks of the River Liffey, with the residences of wealthy gentry in the neighbourhood, having a large barracks for cavalry, and head-quarters for a Dragoon Regiment. There appears to prevail the utmost confidence between the owner of the town, Mr. Eyre Powell — who resides amongst his tenantry — and the inhabitants, whilst all feel an interest, and co-operate, in its advancement. A gas company, under the Limited Liabilities’ Act, is in course of formation: and this most essential means of promoting the prosperity of the town must be speedily in operation.

Mr. Powell spares neither exertion nor expense in the improvement of Newbridge; and, without any agent, applies himself personally to the necessities of his tenantry —

He has lately expended £700 in building a Market and Petty Sessions House, and given it free to the Market Committee for their business purposes; he gives building ground with 99 years’ leases at a low rent; and, in short, every encouragement is afforded to men of moderate capital and industrious habits to realize a comfortable independence in this thriving town. It is close to a railway station, with every facility for trade either in retail or for various manufacturers.

In addition to our own knowledge, from personal observation, we are indebted for these facts to a very intelligent gentleman, who has been connected with the town for upwards of twenty-two years. In the march of improvement, Newbridge has, for its extent, since it came into the possession of its present proprietor, made more rapid progress than any provincial town in Ireland.

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