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Leinster Leader 15 January 1938


Kildare Hounds


Friday, 7th January – Colbinstown

Ballintaggart was blank, found in Hatfield, ran through Kilgowan, left-handed, over Brewel Hill, and leaving Ballintaggart on the right, back to Hatfield, where he was left. Dixon’s was blank, and a lame fox in the Hangman’s Rock was killed; found in Gailey’s and going through Griffenstown on to Glenduff bottoms, where he was lost. Grange Con was blank. Then came a good hunt from the Black Bog, going over Tinoran hill to the old covert he came back and leaving the bog on his left, went down to Fenton’s bog, left-handed, over the road near Grange Con, through Knockrigg, on close to Ballinure, swung left-handed and leaving Thomastown on the right, through Barronstown, where hounds were stopped in failing light, after a good fifty minutes.

Saturday, 8th – Celbridge.

This was the worst day this season, and nothing of note was done.

Monday, 10th – The Curragh Stand House.

There was a lot of snow on the ground when horses moved off to draw the Curragh gorse, which held a brace of foxes, one was killed and the other was hunted down to the railway, which he ran nearly to the Curragh Siding, left-handed through the Pollardstown Stud Farm, on to Rathbride, where he got to ground. The snow was very bad on the hills, so hounds were sent home.

Tuesday, 11th – Bishopscourt.

Mrs. Kennedy entertained a large field at Bishopscourt before hounds moved off to draw Cullen’s wood. A fox went away at once towards Pigeon Hill, right-handed to the old covert in Bishopscourt, going through the new covert, past the house, crossed the road at the Blue Door going through Alasty; it looked as if he was going to Turnings, but swinging right-handed by Baronrath and leaving Boston on his left, through Mr. O’Connor’s farm, on over Oughterard, back to Bishopscourt, through the old covert, crossed the Naas-Dublin road near Kill and was lost a little further on, after one hour and ten minutes. Miss G. Kennedy took a bad fall in this hunt. Everyone wishes her a speedy recovery and hopes she will soon be out again. Arthurstown was blank. Found in Newtown bog – we went away towards Eadestown, right-handed, just up to the wall at Forenaughts, down by the old mill at Woolpack, through Mr. Traynor’s, back to Newtown, going straight through by Dassy Lodge, nearly up to Rathmore, over the road. Hounds were brought to their noses, but hunting slowly and well through Arthurstown on past Foddens, up close to Kilteel, where they pulled their fox down in the open, after a capital fox hunt of one hour and fifty minutes.


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