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Song written and composed at the Curragh
by Sean Murray, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal c.1921

Oft in fancy I viewed the fair scenes of the Curragh and wished I could roam o’er its plains. But alas, not in pleasure my wishes were granted. While imprisoned I stand amidst the tyrants chain. But although by the ancient foe we’re surrounded we yield not a shred to the suffering untold, for the spirits displayed by the martyrs of Erin who gave up their lives for the Green, White and Gold.
The British hun sought by confinement to conquer the bold rebel lads on the Curragh that day but like lightning fierce flashing the doors they went smashing while the backs of the wires were wending their way. When they saw that we feared neither bullet or bayonet the cowardly savors contrived a base plan. Bread and water they said you will get your rations while your letters and parcels we will place under ban.
For thirteen long days we endured it quite cheerful with faith in our leaders we feared not defeat. Those true and tried sons of a down trodden nation whose hearts and pure motives should know not deceit. We rallied around them determined to conquer and soon the oppressors were forced for to yield to the rebels of Erin that day on the Curragh whose forefathers never had lost on the field. Remember the glorious martyrs of old but forget not McSweeney, Pearse, Plunkett and Barry who suffered and died for the Green, White and Gold. For at length in old Erin the dawn is appearing for freedom will be like the blood of the brave whose spirits are with us to keep us united till slavery no longer over shadows their grave.

A copy of this song was donated to Kildare Collections and Research Services by Curragh Local History Group.

Song written and composed at the Curragh by Sean Murray, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal c.1921

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