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Royal Irish Constabulary Officers born in Co. Kildare.
A biographical dictionary and genealogical guide, 1816-1922

Anderson, Thomas Charles; RIC number 13936; LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) 2097/184; born 1823, Co. Kildare; 3rd SI (Sub Inspector) 31/5/1850; seconded to the Commissariat Department in the Crimea on 6/7/1854 where he died on 11/8/1854.
Cannon, Henry Charles; RIC 16550; LDS 2097/195; born 1831, Co. Kildare; son of Thomas Cannon, Esq., Resident Magistrate (d. 1853); 3rd SI 17/12/1852; pensioned 10/4/1868; died 6/4/1872 at no. 3 Park Terrace, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin; will proved on 11/6/1872 at the Principal Registry by the oath of Susannah Cannon, 3 Park Terrace, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, widow, the sole executrix – effects £5; his daughter Ellen, who was also the granddaughter of Major James Tandy, Millbank, Naas, Co. Kildare, married Charles, the only son of Charles Vawser, Esq., Cambridgeshire and Boxholme Hall, Lincolnshire at Bray, Co. Wicklow on 21/10/1899; buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
Caulfield, John; LDS 2097/161; born 1828, Co. Kildare; son born on 15/12/1853 at Bruff, Co. Limerick, prematurely and only survived a few hours (Cork Examiner 26/12/1853); 3rd SI 27/9/1847; received a favourable record on 31/12/1869 for untiring exertions in protecting voters against formidable mobs and arresting many of the rioters and house wreckers; resigned 27/8/1888; died 4/1/1900 at the residence of his son-in-law, Solomon Darcus, Plasnewydd, Killiney, Co. Dublin, late of Cartref, Greystones, Co. Wicklow; administration granted on 2/4/1900 at the Principal Registry to Charlotte Caulfield, widow, effects £23.10s.1d.
Clayton, Edward Myles; RIC 52875; LDS 2098/036; born 1863, Co. Kildare; clerk to Messr’s Carnegie and Co., 40 Dame Street, Dublin for four years; married firstly on 1/6/1892 (Dublin South Registrar’s District, June Quarter, 1892, vol. 2 p. 539); married secondly on 22/4/1896; 3rd DI (District Inspector) 1/5/1888; King Edward Visit to Ireland Medal, 1903; CI (County Inspector) 6/8/1910; awarded a certificate from the Irish Police and Constabulary Recognition Fund; AIG (Assistant Inspector General)15/4/1920; divisional commissioner for Munster No. 2 Division, 11/3/1920-14/4/1920; pensioned 31/8/1922.
Coleman, John; RIC 28343; LDS 2098/073; born 1845, Co. Kildare; 3rd SI (Sub Inspector) 25/3/1891; died 24/6/1901 at Rossmult Cottage, Ballycahill, Thurles, Co. Tipperary; will proved on 15/7/1901 by the oath of John H. Coleman, railway clerk – effects 3492.10s.0d; his wife, Mary Teresa (b.1854), predeceased him at New Line House, Portumna, Co. Galway on 13/4/1895 (Portumna Registrar’s District, 1895, June Quarter, vol. 4, p. 259).
Craig, George Fitzgerald William; RIC 56625; LDS 2098/113; Born 17/6/1869, Naas, Co. Kildare; (Naas Registrar’s District, 1869, vol. 12, p. 847); married firstly, Emily Hayes; married secondly on 12/7/1899 (Dublin South registrar’s District, September Quarter, 1899, vol. 2, p. 620), Isabel Roche, native of Co. Dublin; 3rd DI 1/4/1895; CI 15/6/1920; his wife died at 42 Landsdowne Road, Dublin on 25/9/1918; wounded at the Cork and County Club, Cork on 17/7/1920 in an attack in which RIC Divisional Commissioner Gerard Bryce Fergus Smyth was killed; awarded the King’s Police Medal in 1922; pensioned 31/8/1922; he died in 1956.
Graham, Francis Johnstone; LDS 2097/170; born 1809, Co. Kildare; enlisted as a sub constable on 17/2/1827; wife native of Co. Kildare; 3rd SI 1/6/1848; received the approbation of the Lord Lieutenant on 31/3/1850 for zeal and activity in detecting two separate attempts to fasten crime on innocent parties; died 28/7/1863.
Hunt, Michael John; RIC 70010; LDS 2098/109B; born 16/6/1898, Athy, Co. Kildare; (Athy Registrar’s District, 1898, June quarter, vol. 3, p. 305); captain, Royal Irish regiment; married Nina Moore Swinden, a native of Lancashire; 3rd DI 4/1/1920; pensioned 19/5/1922.
Hurst, George; RIC 51165; LDS 2098/001; born 1865, Co. Kildare; married on 27/3/1889 (Parsonstown Registrar’s District, March Quarter, 1889, vol. 3, p. 487), wife a native of Co. Dublin; 3rd DI 12/7/1884; King Edward Visit to Ireland Medal, 1903; CI 20/12/1908; King George V Coronation Medal, 1911; pensioned 8/12/1916; his brother Gerard Hurst, RIC, died in Athlone, Co. Roscommon on 7/10/1887; (photo in the Constabulary Gazette, vol. XIII, no. 24, 5/9/1903).
McDonald, Augustus LeClerc; LDS 2097/308; born 1857, Athy, Co. Kildare; son of Canon McDonald, of Athy, Co. Kildare and brother of Charles Montagu McDonald, SI, RIC; clerk in a merchant’s office in Belfast for five years; married on 20/6/1883, wife from Co. Mayo; 3rd SI 6/10/1880; King George V Coronation Medal, 1911; pensioned 26/4/1920; (photo in Constabulary Gazette, vol. XIV, no. 20, 2/21904).
McDonald, Charles Montagu; LDS 2097/321; born 1860, Athy, Co. Kildare; youngest son of Canon McDonald, of Athy, Co. Kildare and brother of Augustus LeClerc McDonald, SI, RIC; clerk at the Broadway Courts in Belfast; married on 12/8/1884, wife from Co. Kildare; 3rd SI 6/10/1882; died 19/2/1912 at 175, Rathgar Road, Dublin; late of Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow; will proved on 16/4/1912 to Kate C. McDonald, widow – effects £1,023.8s.5d.
Medlicott, Edward Richard; RIC 16163; LDS 2097/194; born 1832, Dunmurry, Co. Kildare; son of Edward James Medlicott, of Dunmurry, Co. Kildare (b. 1790) (d. 11/1/1868 – Rathdown Registrar’s District, vol. 2 m p. 807) and Anne (b. 1805) (d. 22/8/1866 – Rathdown Registrar’s District, vol. 12, p. 654), daughter of Solomon Speer of Granitefield, Co. Dublin, by his wife, Anne, daughter of Richard Donovan of Ballymore, Co. Wexford; 3rd SI 11/9/1852; he was one of the first four RIC officers to undergo training on 31/8/1861 at the School of Musketry, Fleetwood, North Lancs., England (Cork Examiner 26/8/1861); musketry instructor from 1/2/1869 until his death; died unmarried on 25/11/1872 at the Maison de Sante, Charlemont Street, Dublin, late of Parkgate Street, Dublin; administration granted on 4/2/1873 at the principal Registry to James Edward Medlicott (1827-1913), a brother of the deceased – effects £1,500.
Moran, John; LDS 2098/190B; born 21/10/1892, Athy, Co. Kildare; (Athy Registrar’s District) December Quarter, 1892, vol. 3, p. 268); captain, Leinster Regiment; 3rd DI (District Inspector)10/1/1920; pensioned 8/5/1922.
Roberts, John Cramer; CarNB (Patrick Carroll’s notebooks); b. 1796, Sallymount, Co. Kildare; son of Rev. John Cramer, of Sallymount, Co. Kildare, DI, who assumed by Royal licence the additional surname and the arms of Robert on 9/10/1801, having married on 2/1/1794, Martha (b. 29/9/1767), eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Roberts, Bt., of Glassenbury, Kent; married at Malta, 12/11/1828, Marian, daughter of David Ross; his third son, Herbert William Cramer Roberts, aged 13 years died on 14/5/1851 of gastric fever at the Phoenix Park Training Depot, Dublin (Cork Examiner 14/5/1851) & (the Dublin Evening Post, Tuesday, 13/5/1851); AIG (Assistant Inspector General) 11/6/1836; Commandant of the Phoenix Park Depot, 1842; DIG (Deputy Inspector General) 4/12/1857; died 3/31864 in his 67th year, suddenly at Saint-Leonards-on-Sea, formerly of No. 38, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin (Cork Examiner 8/3/1864).
Roney, William; LDS 2097/092; born 1804, Co. Kildare; wife a native of Dublin City; his daughter, Maria Roney, died on 31/3/1864 (Longford registrar’s District, vol. 8, p. 171), aged 30 years, at Prospect, Co. Longford (Cork Examiner 6/4/1864); enlisted as a sub constable, 24/12/1824; 3rd SI 25/12/1835; received a grant from the Reward Fund on 31/3/1856 for zeal, tact and success in obtaining circumstantial evidence resulting in the conviction of the perpetrator of a barbarous murder; pensioned 15/8/1870; died 27/10/1886 at Sligo, Co. Sligo (Sligo Registrar’s District, 1866, December quarter, vol. 2, p. 197).
Sargent, William; RIC 41488; LDS 2098/198; born 1857, Co. Kildare; eldest son of Joseph and Fannie Sargent, of Rathmore, Co. Kerry; married on 31/8/1866 (Galway Registr
ar’s District, September Quarter, 1886, vol. 4, p. 97), wife a native of Co. Galway; 3rd DI 13/1/1905; died 10/11/1908 at Kanturk, Co. Cork; buried in Rrathmore, Co. Kerry on 12/11/1908.
Sheehan, Timothy Powell; RIC 71651; LDS 2098/139B; born 19/8/1891, Co. Kildare; captain, Royal Irish Regiment; 3rd DI 8/7/1920; married on 4/9/1920 (Waterford Registrar’s District, September Quarter, 1920, vol. 4, p. 389), wife a native of Co. Meath; pensioned 13/7/1922; died in Belfast, 4/9/1971.
Smyth, William; RIC 5827; LDS 2097/275; born 1826, Co. Kildare; wife a native of Co. Galway; 3rd SI 1/2/1869; died 25/2/1880 at Waterford, Co. Waterford (Waterford Registrar’s District, 1880, September Quarter, vol. 4, p. 533).
Wills, Henry; RIC 19694; LDS 2097/296; born 1836, Co. Kildare; married on 3/6/1868; wife a native of Queens County; 3rd SI 16/1/1882; pensioned on 1/8/1896; died at the residence of his son-in-law at Clarehayes, Churchtaunton, Honiton, Devon on 30/6/1922, husband of Lizzie P. Wills (Irish Times, 7/7/1922).

Taken from Royal Irish Constabulary Officers. A biographical dictionary and genealogical guide, 1816-1922. Jim Herlihy (Dublin 2005).


Royal Irish Constabulary Officers born in Co. Kildare. A biographical dictionary and genealogical guide, 1816-1922

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