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The Irish Times 2 October 1934

Obituary. Sir Henry Greer.

The death of Sir Henry Greer, K.C.V.O., occurred on August 25th at his residence, Curragh Grange, Co. Kildare.

Until the beginning of the year Sir Henry Greer was director of the National Stud at Tully, County Kildare, but resigned his directorship in January owing to ill-health, and was succeeded in that position by Mr. Noble Johnson.

In addition to being Steward of the Jockey Club Sir Henry Greer was a Steward of the Turf Club.

Sir Henry was a son of the late General H. H. Greer, of the Grange, Moy, Co. Tyrone, and was born in February, 1855. He went through Wellington and Sandhurst, and served with distinction in many parts of the world for seventeen years in the Highland Light Infantry. Although retired some years, he served his country again when the Boer War commenced.

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