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Declan O’Connor

A few hundred metres separates the mausolem of Fr. Eoghan O’Growney from the mausoleum  integrated into St.Mary’s Church at Parson Street, Maynooth. This fifteenth century tower was converted into a mausoleum by Augustus Frederick Fitzgerald, the third Duke of Leinster, and houses the  remains of the following:

The right honour lady Olivia Fitzgerald died April 18 1822 aged 6 years
Master Patrick Fitzgerald Fox Robeck born April 24 1834 died January 8 1839
Miss Gertrude Elizabeth Robeck departed this life 15 September 1844 aaged
18 years
Master Augustus Fitzgerald Robeck departed this life 7 december 1844 aged 1
year and 9 months
Master Richard John de Robeck born on 7 and died on 8 November 1847
Constance Repton aged 15 days died 8 October 1849
Charlotte Augustus Duchess of Leinster aged 66 years died 15 February 1859
Edward Fox Fitzgerald died 23 January 1863 aged 68 years
Rev. George Blacker born 20 November 1791 died 3 May 1871
Augustus Frederick Duke of Leinster born 21 August 1791 died 10 October 1874

Reverend Blacker , author of  ‘Maynooth Church – a record of the history of Maynooth’ (Dublin 1867 ) is the only non-member of the Fitzgerald family and was interred there in recognition of his close friendship with Augustus Frederick.

A note by Declan O’Connor on the mausoleum  integrated into St. Mary’s Church at Parson Street, Maynooth

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