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Newbridge Barracks 1919

James Durney

In December 1919 the order of battle and location list for Newbridge Barracks consisted of six batteries of artillery. The 4th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery, which had served with the 3rd Cavalry Division on the Western Front during the Great War, was reformed in Newbridge in May 1919. C and K Batteries joined II Brigade, RHA, at Bordon and were replaced by I Battery, RHA and L Battery, RHA, from Germany and were stationed at Newbridge and Kilkenny respectively. The 36th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, served with the 2nd Infantry Division on the Western Front. It had three batteries in Newbridge and one stationed in Kildare Barracks. The units were:

4th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery, HQ, (Newbridge) Lt.-Col. A. B. Forman, CMG, DSO.

P Battery, Major C. B. Findlay, MC.

R Battery, Capt. A. G. Hewson, MC.

I Battery , Lt.-Col. J. L. Philips, DSO.

36th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, HQ, (Kildare) Col. A. Hinde, CMG.

15th Battery, Maj. F. B. Binney.

71st Battery, Maj. G. Masters, DSO.

142nd Battery, Maj. J. L. C. White, MC.

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