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Our thanks again to Declan O’Connor for sending this interesting piece from The Boston Pilot into localhistory@kildarecoco.ie .

RATHANGAN, COUNTY KILDARE Area, “Missing Friends” Notices
in The Boston Pilot Newspaper, 1831-1865

The Pilot is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston and claims the title of “America’s Oldest Catholic Newspaper” having been founded in 1829 under a different title by Bishop Benedict Joseph Fenwick, at a time of increased Irish immigration to the United States and rising anti-Catholic feeling towards the newcomer’s church. In 1834 Bishop Fenwick sold the publication to two laymen – Henry Devereux and Patrick Donahoe. During much of the 19th Century the Boston Pilot acquired the reputation of being an Irish – American Cultural Newspaper. Donahoe had changed the title of the Newspaper from “The Jesuit, the Literary and Catholic Sentinel” to “The Boston Pilot” in 1836 in tribute to “The Pilot” which was the newspaper of Daniel O’Connell’s Repeal movement.

Between 1831 and 1916 some 45,000 “Missing Friends” advertisements were placed in the Newspaper by friends and relatives in attempts to locate loved ones lost during emigration. These Notices were not cheap costing the price of a daily wage and more ($1) for an ad that would run three times.

Details for the Notices may have been “lost in translation” between the person giving them and the Newspaper Clerks receiving them. This accounts for variations in the spellings of surnames, places and the variations of “Kathangen Rathanian, Rathania”.

OF THE CHILDREN AND RELATIVES OF PETER HORAN of Kathangen, Co. Kildare who last heard of was in New York and Broklyn seven years ago – any information will be thankfully received by Mrs. Flinn address James Coad, Conshocken, P.a.
(Ad. of 1/2/69 changes: “of Peter Moran, of Rathangen Co Kildare” and “Conshohocken, P.a.”)


OF WALTER MORREN: when last heard from was studying for the medical profession in the City of Dublin. The above reward will be paid by any person who will give information about him to his mother, Mrs. Bridget Morren, Rathangin, Co. Kildare, Ireland, or to Mrs. M.J.O’Connor, St. Paul, Minnesota. The reward will be paid through the Editor of THE PILOT.

OF Widow MARGARET MORAN, who left Rathaniea Ireland 17 years ago; when last heard from was in Boston, Mass. any information will be thankfully received by Catherine Moran, Ottawa City, Canada West.
(Ad of 8/23/62 changes “left Rathanging, Co. Kildare Ireland” and adds; “address John Quain, Suspension Bridge, Ottawa City, Canada West”).


OF MARY FORAN of the Town of Rathangon, Co. Kildare who has been in this country 6 years; when last heard of she was in Pearl Street, Albany,NY. Her sister Julia McCann is most anxious to find out where she is. Information of her will be received by F. O’Bryan Esq. Madison. Wis.


OF CATHERINE CORCORAN from Parish Rathangan (Co. Kildare) came to this country about 1847; married in New York to Henry Mash. When last heard from was in Sylvania, Lucas Co. Ohio. Information respecting her will be thankfully received by her brother PETER CORCORAN, 92 Water St. Utica, N.Y. who has something important to communicate to her.


OF PATRICK TOBIN native of Rathangan (Co.Kildare) who left there in April 1852; When last heard of was in Utica N.Y. Information will be thankfully received by his friend JULIA DOOLING, c/o JAMES LOUGHLIN, Waterbury, Ct.


OF PATRICK KINSLEY, from Parish Rathangan (Co.Kildare) who landed in New York about five years ago. When last heard from he worked at Herd’s Corner, Dutchess Co. N.Y. and supposed to have gone to New Orleans. His brother is anxious to hear from him. Direct to RICHARD MERRIMAN, Syracuse N.Y.


OF WILLIAM & THOMAS HOOKS, from Rathan Parish Rathangan Co. Kildare. When last heard from (May 26, 1847) was in Bucks County P.a. Any information respecting them will be thankfully received by their sister CATHERINE and brother in law MICHAEL MORRISSEY, Jackson, Michigan.
OF MICHAEL FARRELL, native of Rathangan Co. Kildare. When last heard from was in Gensee, Livingston Co. N.Y. Any account of him will be thankfully received by his father THOMAS FARRELL Clinton St, Kensington, Philadelphia.


OF ROSEY CAVANAGH, from Parish Rathangan, Co. Kildare who sailed from Liverpool 12th March 1850 in Ship “Centurion” & landed in New York 12th April. Left her boarding house in Cherry St., with the intention of going to the Emigrant Office to procure a situation – not heard of since. Any information of her will be thankfully received by her parents JAMES & CATHERINE CAVANAGH, Pittsfield, M.s. or to MRS. TYNER, Corner York & Washington Sts. Brooklyn. N.Y.


OF ANN DUNN from Co. Kildare Parish Rathangan Townland Cullelin who sailed from Liverpool in March and landed in New York 12th April 1850. When last heard from was in Pittsfield M.s. Any information respecting her will be thankfully received by her daughter & two brothers Mary Doyle & Michael & Patrick Dunne. Direct to ANTHONY WARD, White River Junction, Vermont.


OF ELIZA DUGAN, whose maiden name was O’Keeffe, a native of Rathangan Co Kildare. She landed in New York in 1840. When last heard from she was in Lockport N.Y. in October of the same year. Any information given will be thankfully received by her brother Patrick O’Keeffe, West Rondolph M.s.


OF EDWARD SHAUGHNESS, native of the Parish of Rathangan Co. Kildare who sailed from Liverpool 22nd October 1849 on board ship Anglo-American for Boston. Any information will be received at the Boston Pilot Office.


OF JAMES McDONNELL of Rathangan Co.Kildare who was for several years employed on the Packet Boats on the Grand Canal between Dublin and Monasterevan. He came to America in July 1845 as Fireman on board the “Great Brittan” Steam Ship on her first voyage from Liverpool to New York. After remaining a short while in New York he sailed for New Orleans where it is supposed he is now. The object of this advertisement is to inform him that his wife ELIZA KELLY of Monasterevan with her two children arrived in New York on the 24th February last, since she has heard no further tidings of her husband. Any person knowing anything of said James McDonnell will relieve the anxiety of a distressed wife and children by addressing a line to Eliza McDonnell 29 Canal St. Albany.

Editors of New Orleans papers will render a great service to a deserving family by giving the above an insertion in their papers.


OF JOSEPH DOARLEY a native of Coalagagen , near Rathanian Co. Kildare who landed with his mother, brother and sister at New York on the 9th October. They left New York in the night bound for Carlinville, Mocoupin Co, Illinois but Joseph slipped off the train at or near Drumkirk and was left behind. All except Joseph arrived safe at their destination. Any information of him will be thankfully received by addressing his afflicted mother in care of Henry Daley, Carlinville, Mocoupin Co Illinois.



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