by jdurney on May 31, 2011

Leinster Leader, August 6, 1969

Luftwaffe man visits scene of internship

A former member of the German Luftwaffe on a nostalgic visit to Ireland this week called to Curragh Camp and no doubt recalled memories, pleasant and otherwise, of the barbed wire enclosure where he was interned during the war.
The former internee, Harbert Schultz, is accompanied by his wife and two children and realising an ambition of almost thirty years in revisiting the scene of his captivity during the Emergency. Herr Schultz wrote from Germany to the Gardai in Bandon, Cork, and asked if they could put him in touch with anyone in the area who could point out to him the exact field into which he crash-landed in 1941.
When he did arrive in Bandon he had the names of several locals who could recall the incident and the scene and the exact spot on which he made his original unintended entry into this country was pointed out to him. He camped there, with his wife and family, on the first night of his visit of recollection and on the following day retraced in his car the route which had eventually taken him into captivity on the Curragh Camp almost thirty years ago. Having had a good look at the scene of his former internment, Herr Schultz visited Droichead Nua, Kildare and other centres close to the Curragh which he remembered as places he had frequented on parole from the camp.
In Droichead Nua he renewed acquaintance with quite a number of people he met during the war years and was able to give them information regarding other internees whom they had known at that time.

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