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Leinster Leader 22 October 1949


two Kilcullen brothers, William and Jim Barber, are fast becoming famous in Croydon, England, where they now live. The reason for the fame is a home-made, orange coloured car (nick-named “Kilcullen Girl”) which they bought from a dealer for £50.

Wherever the brothers go, people collect and stare, and if they leave the car for a minute or two in the street, they have difficulty in getting back again through the throng of spectators.

Seating four people, “Kilcullen Girl” has a seven horse-power engine with a home-made body. There are eight window spaces without glass, and the two front doors slide along the bonnet. The sliding roof is green canvas and works on rollers. The brothers claim it does 50 miles to the gallon. “We have cruised comfortably through London at 40 miles per hour,” they add.

 The Barber brothers left Kilcullen in 1937, but their father, Mr. James Barber, is still there. He has a cycle business.

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