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Leinster Leader 4 December 1954

First Race Meeting in Naas held in 1827

Mr. Thomas E. Healy, 44 North Circular Road (Phoenix Park), Dublin, writes: Your article on the present day development of racing at Naas sent me hunting to try to find out when first racing was promoted at Naas.  In so far as I could trace, the first officially recorded Naas racing meeting was held in 1827.  It was of four days’ duration: Monday, May 28, Tuesday, May 29; Wednesday, May 30 and Friday, June 1.  The races were the following :

Warbler and Hunters’ Sweepstakes of £3 (play or pay) with £50 added; two miles, run in heats. Mr. T. Shields’ four-year-old by Milesius won both heats.

Sweepstakes of £2 each with £25 added.  “for hunters, race horses admitted”;  two mile heats.  Mr Saidwell’s aged mare Mary Ann won both heats.

Sweepstakes of £5 each (play or pay) with £40 added “ for hunters that never started for a Racing Plate or Stakes”; three mile heats, Mr. J. Fitzpatrick’s six-year-old gelding Cockahoop (by Cockahoop) was unplaced in the first heat, but won second and third heats and received the stakes.

And on the last day of the meeting the races were these:

The Ladies’ Purse “for the beaten horses of the week”; two mile heats. Mr Caldwell’s three-year-old filly Trawneen won both heats.

Sweepstakes of £1 each, to which the Stewards added £10, “for horses the property of Subscribers, not thoroughbread”; two mile heats.  Mr Byrne’s aged horse (un-named) won both heats.

Challenge of the Warbler Stakes £15 each; two miles – Mr. Sheilds’ ch c by Milesius, 11 -10, 1; Mr. Dunne’s b g, 12-10, 2.

These particulars are found in “Racing Calender” (vol.38) for 1827.  Someone amongst your senior readers may have heard where was the site of this old-time racecourse.

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