Do you have Information on the Industrial Heritage of Co. Kildare

by mariocorrigan on July 13, 2007


Some notes and observations regarding the industrial heritage of Co. Kildare – I would ask any interested group or individual to submit any information regarding the industrial heritage of Co. Kildare – maybe by posting the information on the EHistory site we might encourage others to contribute or help to jog peoples memories – YOU CANNOT BEAT LOCAL KNOWLEDGE



Industrial Heritage Survey
Bibliography – Guide to sources
1. Canals

Guide to the Grand Canal of Ireland

Guide to the Royal Canal of Ireland

Both by Ruth Delany, excellent simple but comprehensive guides with
strip maps of the canal mileage through the county.

2. Railways

Irish Railways Today — Brendan Pender, Herbert Richards,published
1967 out of print but should be available in good libraries. Excellent
description of all features on extant rail lines.

Johnson’s Gazetter of railways in Ireland (or similar title) by
Stephen Johnston, highly comprehensive mapping of all rail lines both
standard and narrow guage in the county.

3. Power Generation

Dont forget element of Hydro Electric on eastern margin of county.
Golden Falls and possibly Pollaphuca dams are within the Kildare
county boundary.

4. General Hints

Gas Works House in Naas — on canal half a mile south of Naas

Quarries at Ardclough with enigmatic pumping (?) tower.

Brickmaking: major Athy brickworks, also at Ballysax and many other
locations in county.

An important publication   ‘The Quarrymen – the Roadstone story 1949-59’
by Bernard Share. Important notes and pictures of the early days of
Roadstone (nee Castlesand) in the Kill area. This was privately published by

Also Woolen Mills in Ballymore Eustace

Hulk of supposed ‘sugar factory’ on canal bank north of Sallins.

Some additional Industrial Archaelogy sites that occur to me:
Ardclough — near Canal: lime quarries and two tower like structures — enigmatic but marked on some maps as pumping towers.
Maynooth — Old Dunboyne Road at Pebble Hill — Brickworks
Maynooth — believe it or not — a Chocolate factory — early 1950s, probably not marked on maps but local information is sound.
Old army barracks Naas, now Aras Cill Dara site 1930s: Donaldsons Law Printers, also a slipper factory and a mattress factory.



already on EHistory
Parts of Slater’s Trade Directory for 1846 (and of course the Trade Directories will be of enormous benefit – we have 1846, 1881  and Porter’s 1910 – I have 1846 and 1881 in database form for Co. Kildare)

An article from the Leinster Leader 26 March 1898 on the local industries in Athy

An article from the Kildare Observer detailing the successes of the fledgling lace industry in the early 20th Century – Monasterevin

An Article from the Leinster Leader of January 1906, encouraging local support of the woollen mills.

Some Naas Anniversaries to recall in 2007 – the Group will be featuring some of the events identified below in its programme during the year.  Stan Hickey and Liam Kenny – Kingswear factory on Newbridge Road opened – key employer of young people in mid-Kildare for decades after.

A pamphlet by ‘a friend’ of Mr. Brooke’s on the establishment of his cotton manufacture in Co. Kildare at Prosperous. The pamphlet is an original from the local collection in the Local Studies Dept. of Kildare County Library and is dated 1783.

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