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Leinster Leader 28 October 1939


 In the Co. Kildare and in many parts of Leinster, deep and sincere sorrow if felt for the passing of Mr. Richard McCann, which occurred at his residence, Clonkeen, Carbury, on Saturday night, after a long illness. Intimately identified with Labour from his early days, Dick McCann was one of the pioneers of the great Labour movement of modern days and one of its most earnest, incorruptible and enthusiastic local leaders.

He was the first Labour representative to be elected on the Edenderry No. 2 (Co. Kildare) Rural District Council in 1899, after the passing of the Local Government Act, 1898; and, working earnestly and fruitfully for the cause he had so deeply at heart, all through the intervening years, he was a member of the Last Council dissolved in 1925. To that fine administrative body, as well as to his constituents, Dick McCann rendered magnificent service. On many occasions during the long years of his work on the District Council, he was referred to as one of the most earnest and indefatigable public representatives in Ireland and “a credit to the Labour Movement.” The phase was first applied to the humble worker by the late Mr. Ambrose More O’Ferrall, then Deputy Lieutenant for Co. Kildare and a fellow-member of the Council, who was greatly impressed by the intelligence, ability and uprightness of the only Labour representative on the local public body. Dick richly deserved the tribute. His great tact, discernment, and diplomacy, as well as his discreet handling of matters, relating to affairs in which labour was interested, won him the approval of the entire Council, irrespective of political affiliations, and ultimately their approval of his many proposals for the betterment of workers in the wide district. The many schemes of cottages and plots under the Labourers Acts, the gradual improvement in the conditions, hours and rates of wages of workers, in the Edenderry No. 2 Rural District, owed much to the foresight, energy and tact of Dick McCann.

And so on, through his whole public career – as a member of the Kildare Co. Council and of many labour bodies; at all times and in every position he held the late Dick McCann worthily sustained the reputation he had won as a true disciple of Labour who gave to his cause enthusiasm, fruitful effort, inspiration, guidance, courage and absolute honesty of purpose.

A wonderfully good-hearted, gentle, simple and religious man, Dick McCann made hosts of friends all over the country who join with his neighbours in Carbury, Edenderry, and all the home district in mourning the passing of a grand type of Irishman who worked nobly for his country and his kind and left behind him a name which will ever be remembered by those who knew, loved and honoured him in life. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The funeral from his late residence to Templeogue Cemetery, Carbury, on Tuesday, was extremely large and representative, embracing mourners from all the surrounding counties as well as large contingents from all parts of his native Kildare. Many members of the Old I.R.A. were in attendance, amongst whom we noticed Messrs. James Earle, Edenderry; Peter Crinnigan, do.; James Farrelly, do., etc. etc. Old colleagues of the former Edenderry No. 2 District Council who were present included Messrs. Ml. Kenny, Rathangan, and Peter Murphy, Kilshanree.

The chief mourners were: – Mrs. McCann (widow), Mrs. J. Farrelly, Edenderry (daughter); Mr. James Farrelly (son-in-law), Mrs. Judge, Kishavanna, and Mrs. Crinnigan, Carrick (sisters-in-law); Misses May and Aileen Delaney, do. (nieces), Seamus Richard, Paul, Noel, Patrick and Miriam Farrelly (grand-children), Thos. Crinnigan, Old Court; Peter Crinnigan, Edenderry and Brian Delaney, Ardkill (nephews).

Very Rev. M. Hipwell, P.P., Carbury, officiated at the home and at the graveside.

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