by jdurney on June 14, 2013

Tom Browne

My name is Tom Browne, born in 1952, son of Dan and Rose Browne, Coolcarrigan. Tom attended Timahoe National School until the age of 13, when he left school. He worked as a labourer in Wilson Wrights, Coolcarrigan. Tom met and married a local woman Babbie (Mary) Morris, daughter of Pat and Moriah Morris, Derry. Tom and Babbie had five children: Ann, Danny, Rose, Paddy and Tommy. They lived up the road in Derry for a few years before moving to Timahoe, where Tom still lives in the same house. Tom worked as a casual worker for Bord Na Mona for a few years. He was then offered a full time position in the mid-1950’s. Tom was an active member of the trade union movement, and he took up the position of shop steward for the Timahoe works. After a number of years he was elected as the first workers representative on the Board of Directors of Bord Na Mona. Tom continued to combine his union duties, workers representative, and laboured in Bord Na Mona until his retirement at the age of 65 in the early 1990’s.

Tom Browne, Timahoe, was a union official and workers representative in Bord Na Mona. Our thanks to Tom

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