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Leinster Leader 29 January 1916

Extraordinary Accident near Curragh Camp


An extraordinary accident is reported to have occurred at Athgarvan which is on the border line of the Curragh Camp. It appears that a young lad named Thos. Wilmot was sitting by a fire in the local clubroom speaking to a number of friends when suddenly there was heard an explosion from the fire and the young lad was struck in the thigh by what at first appeared to be a stone. Dr. L. F. Rowan, Kildare, was quickly on the scene and finding him seriously injured had him removed to the Drogheda Memorial Hospital where on examination he found that a bullet had lodged in the upper portion of the boy’s thigh. How the bullet got into the fire is a mystery, but it is thought that it got swept in by accidentally falling from someone who was delivering coal. Head-Constable O’Dea with Sergeant Thompson and the local police have made diligent inquires into the matter which is regarded as purely accidental. The injured boy is progressing favourably.

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