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Leinster Leader 1 January 1916


To the Editor of the “Leinster Leader.”

Dear Sir- Nearly three years ago a branch of the Hibernians was established in Kildare under the most favourable and inspiriting circumstances accompanied by the blowing of trumpets and beating of drums. For about twelve months the branch met regularly under the Presidency of the Minister for Munitions (this of course, is not his proper title, neither do I know who the gentleman was, but it is a very appropriate name all the same, considering that he gave the orders to the rank and file), then suddenly and without any explanation or reason, the meetings ceased, and the branch died out. From the day of its death pang to this hour – over two years ago – no one has been told the cause of its demise, or what has become of the funds that were collected. Let me be not misunderstood about the latter. I am certain, as that I am writing this, that the gentlemen who held the “war chest” were like Caesar’s wife, “above suspicion.” The funds are all right I am convinced, wherever they are. But where are they? If they are locked up what is the use leaving them so, when the branch is dead? Why not give every member back his own? Cannot these questions be answered with a little illumination as to the branch’s demise? – Yours, etc.


Kildare, December 27th, 1915

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