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Second Level Education

algebraic equationsMathematics

On this page you will find maths resources for teachers and pupils in second level education. Sites listed here will be a useful resource for maths classes.


Useful Links

  • MathsNet an independent educational website providing free mathematics resources to the education community. Its aim is to offer truly interactive resources that are both wide and deep in terms of their applicability and usefulness

  • Ask Dr. Math is a US based question and answer service for math students and their teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The Maths Forum Get Maths answers from those at Swarthmore College.

  • Shack's Page of Maths Problems Hard maths problems. Why not print some out and test your Maths teacher?

  • Mega-Maths maths research from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • Maths Symbols Chronicles the use of Maths symbols.

  • Maths Words Chronicles the use of Maths words.

  • David Joyce Algebra, Calculus and Logic tutorials on this page.

  • Formulae 1 is a Higher Leaving Certificate Mathematics supplement text book. Teachers can request a free evaluation copy.

  • Visual Math Learning Free Online Interactive Math Tutorial. For middle-school age students, parents, educators. Pre-algebra level - free access
    requires no registration.

Suggest A SiteIf you have a useful link to a Maths website that you think may be of benefit to other students and teachers why not fill in the online form



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