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Education in County Kildare

Primary - Maths

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Maths - An Introduction

On this page you will find Maths Resources for teachers and pupils in primary education. Some of the sites listed below are a tremendous resource for Maths classes.

This is a resource for teachers, parents and of course the children that are using Mathematics in primary schools in County Kildare, Ireland. All submissions and suggestions for this section of the site are most welcome.

Five areas of mathematics are focussed on: Number, Algebra, Shape & Space, Measures and Data

The development of estimation skills and problem-solving using examples which are relevant to the child, discussion and hands-on experience with materials are encouraged from infants to sixth class. The importance of mathematical language is also stressed.

Early Mathematical Activities at Junior Infant level aims to provide a link between the mathematical knowledge which a child brings to school and structured play in the classroom.

Number work is based on real-life experiences where possible and confined to checkable answers. Use of calculators is encouraged from 4th to 6th class and long division is introduced at 5th class. Algebra is explored at all levels.


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