The Curragh Plains - Kildare   


The Curragh Land Area


The Map of the Curragh Lands

The area of the Curragh Plains is recognised as one of the oldest natural grasslands in Europe. It is a recorded monument under the National Monuments Act, being designated a Special Environment.
It now comprises 4,870 acres. It is divided into Brownlands, Bluelands and Greenlands. Brownlands, is an area of 771 acres and includes all built up areas and is designated for the exclusive use of the military. 815 acres is allocated as Ranges and Danger Areas and is known as BLUELANDS.
The largest area, GREENLANDS, comprises of 3284 acres, 817 acres of which is controlled by the Turf Club. The Military retain manoeuvering and exercise rights in this area.


Curragh Map



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