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We re-launched Kildare Youth Theatre in October of last year and it attracted over 30 young people from all over Kildare. They staged a one-night showcase on December 17th (Tainted Love: scenes to get hot about). The members of Kildare Youth Theatre are between 14 and 22 years of age and they receive training in acting, voice work, improvisation and physical comedy every Monday night from a team of professional actors and directors led by Darren and Yvonne.
A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream was staged in Riverbank from 8th to 11th May and returned especially for midsummer on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of June 2002. (Scroll down to the end for a full cast list).

It was inventively directed by Yvonne Ó Hara and Darren Donohue (who recently won acclaim for their portrayal of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth in Crooked House's touring production). Ciarán Aspell, as always, designed the set, and sound was by Crooked House artistic director, Peter Hussey.

Fairies - Dayna, Gillian and Sarah


A Midsummer Night's Dream concerns three interwoven tales of love and mistaken identity. A group of lovers on the run from the city of Athens encounter a flock of mischievous fairies who in turn have caused havoc in the ranks of a collection of tradesmen rehearsing a play in the woods. It is Shakespeare's most performed comedy and certainly one of his crowd pleasers, with something for every taste thrown into the mix.


The following extracts give the overall flavour of the reviews which were written by local young people and published in Newbridge's News & Views monthly newsletter:

This production of A Midsummer Night's Dream truly brought justice to this Shakespearean comedy. From the earliest scenes of this side-splitting drama the enthusiasm that exploded from the budding KYT actors kept the audience rapt with amusement. In sooth, they had not seen a play performed so well. On what seemed to be a low budget, props were undoubtedly unnecessary. All of the attention was drawn to the fabulous and very enthusiastic three bubbling damsels, and fairies that were filled top to toe with hilarious attitude. Complete with an unorthodox but refreshingly suitable soundtrack, and a simple, yet effective lighting scheme, this play was well worth seeing. All I can tell you is that the standing ovation was well deserved.

- Marie Leahy

There was an excellent performance from Puck (Aoife Whelan) and Bottom (Neil Connolly). The actors in this production were excellent and have great potential.

- Mona Coates

I never thought a Shakespearean play could be funny, but the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by KYT was just hilarious. […] All the cast gave great performances, notably the four lovers: Demetrius (Ross Mc Mahon), Helena (Netanya Curtis), Lysander (Keith Burke) and Hermia (Mairead Ni Sheamais). I have to say the funniest character in the play was Nick Bottom, played by Neil Connolly, who gave a great performance. Aoife Whelan portrayed the evil fairy, Puck, extremely well, and Gillian Lynch and all the fairies did a great job.

- Suzi Kelly


Theseus (Duke of Athens)   ERIC HIGGINS
Hippolyta (his bride to be)   ALBHE DE PAOR / LAURA MC CANN
Egeus (Hermia's father)   LAURENCE HAMILL
Lysander (in love with Hermia)   KEITH BURKE
Hermia (in love with Lysander)   MAIRÉAD NÍ SHEAMUÍS
Demetrius (a rich young Athenian)   ROSS MC MAHON
Helena (in love with Demetrius)   NETANYA CURTIS
Philostrate (Master of the Revels)   SÉAN REID
Quince (a carpenter)   TREENI CURRAN
Snug (a joiner)   DEIRDRE Ó DONNELL
Bottom (a weaver)   NEIL CONNOLLY
Flute (a bellows-mender)   IAN HOLLINSHEAD
Snout (a tinker)   AMANDA HOLLINSHEAD
Starveling (a tailor)   NICOLE WHELAN
The Fairies Oberon (King of the Fairies)   EOIN BARNES
Titania (Queen of the Fairies)   KRISTINA PEACOCKE / GILLIAN LYNCH
Puck (Oberon's servant)   AOIFE WHELAN
Pease Blossom (servant to Titania)   SARAH LONEY
Cobweb (servant to Titania)   IAN HOLLINSHEAD
Moth (servant to Titania)   DAYNA Ó REILLY
Mustard Seed (servant to Titania)   LAURA MC GANN
Oberon's henchmen   JOE BYRNE and TERRY PHIPPS
An Indian Boy   NATHAN BURKE

Stage managed by BONNIE MC CORMICK

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