Snorkels Complete

by lwhelan on January 18, 2015

Almost all members have completed their mandatory snorkels at this stage and hopefully the weather will oblige that we can commence diving soon.Mike & Bernard - Sandycove

Michael Cawley and Bernard Kruger buddy up for the snorkel at Sandycove.

Brief Sandycove 15-2-2015

Rosemary Finn (Diving Officer) briefs the NSAC snorkeler on the last scheduled snorkel in preparation for the 2015 dive season.

Photo: Alan Brennan, Kris Finley, Jakub Brzeckkowski, Dmitrijs Tapeiko, Michael Cawley, Rosemary Finn (DO), Bernard Kruger and Alice O’Sullivan

Buddy Check Sandycove 15-2-2015

Last minute buddy checks on the beach at Sandycove before snorkel in ideal sea conditions and glorious sunshine on Sunday 15th of February 2015.


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