Scouting encourages the development of Young People and Improvement of society through Fun, Friendship, Adventure and Challenge

In Scouts:

Young people aged twelve years to fifteen years old  join Scouting to be part of a network of young people committed to make a difference in their local, national and international communities.

Adolescents are offered a wide range of activities which challenge them and help them to engage fully in civil society.

Young people take increasing responsibility for the planning and delivery of their own programme

Young people work in small groups, called patrols

The youth programme for adolescents offers opportunities for young people to prepare their ‘life-plan’ and develop ‘life-skills’.

Young people are coached and assisted in developing the skills to participate in decision-making and encouraged to use these skills in Scouting and in society.

Young people are supported and guided by adult volunteers on their journey of self-education.

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