Monasterevin Protest County Council Response 1

Download file People of the town have been enquiring as to what is happening with the protest against the new road layout on Main St and in particular at the CYMS corner.  As most of you know we had a meeting with the officials, the engineer for our aread, Damian McNulty, the senior engineer for the county, John Copinger and his boss, Director of Transportation and Public Safety, Michael O Leary. The meeting went well, we believed that we had made many valid points as to why these unwanted additions to the mainstreet would be removed.  They agreed to come back to us with a full report including technical reasons why they had done this.  Last week they published their repsonse, see attached file.

We are not happy with this repsonse and are taking the matter further. we have asked that the issue be brought to the fill council meeting which is taking place Monday, 26th March at 2 pm in the council chambers. As many people as possible from Monasterevin are invited and indeed encouraged to attend this meeting to show support for the protest.

We are also plannin another full public meeting for Thursday 29th March in St. Pauls Secindary School.  We expect to have up to date infromation to give to peopel at this meeting.