Kynog United V Newbridge White

Kynog Utd White 3-10 Newbridge White , Kynog Park 10:30

Newbridge pulled away in third quarter to secure the victory
after a very close first half. The score at half tme stood
at 2-2.

Newbridge opened the scoring but were pegged back straight
away with Conor Fox scoring for Kynog. The second quarter
was a repeat of the first with Newbridge scoring first only
to see Conor Fox claim his second for Kynog to level the
game again. Heroics from Cian Loughlin in the Kynog goal
kept the Newbridge forwards out.

The third quarter saw Newbridge take control scoring seven
goals unanswered. The last quater saw Kynog fight back and
hold Newbridge to just one more goal and score one of their
own, Jamie O'Brien capping a fine performance with Kynog's
third goal, Kynog would have had a few more if not for the
goalkeeping of Sam Meenan in the Newbridge goal.

The Newbridge scoring was lead by Eoghan Molloy with five,
Eoin Meenan with two, aided with one a piece for Eoin
Merriman, Jimmy O'Neill and Josh Burns.

Kynog Utd White
Cian Loughlin, Conor Somers, Alex Kilmurray, Adam Condon,
Jaime O'Brien, Gavin Keily, Conor Reilly, Ryan
Loughlin, Luca Grimes, Eoin Montgomery, Conor Fox.

Eoin Merriman, Jay O'Neill, Peter Murphy, Eoghan Molloy,
Eoin Meenan, Josh Burns, Sam Meenan, Fiachra Galvin, Ronan