Under 8 Kynog United V Caragh

On a chilly Sunday morning Caragh travelled to Kynog Park for a very exciting game. Kynog immediately put the pressure on which resulted in score from Emmet Donoghue in the first quarter. Caragh kept pushing forward and were unlucky not to make this game a draw match.

Second quarter and once again Emmet Donoghue was on form to hit the back of the Caragh net despite the tremendous effort from the Caragh defenders.

Third quarter Caragh immediately restarted the game by putting the pressure on Kynog and were unlucky not to score hitting the goal post twice before the ball was cleared by the Kynog goalkeeper Eoin Disney. After some great passing from the Kynog midfielders Thomas Fallon hit a fantastic shot to make the game Kynog 3 - Caragh 0. This Kynog goal was shortly followed by a score from G Reilly-Hogarty of Caragh to make the game Kynog 3 - Caragh 1.

Fourth and final quarter there was no scores but plenty of attempts from both teams. Best for Kynog - Emmet Donoghue, Thomas Fallon and Ross Donnellan.