Kynog United White V Bush Celtic Green

Kynog Utd White 0-6 Bush Celtic Green , Kynog Park 10:30

In freezing conditions Bush Celtic's excellent finishing
ensured a deserved victory, despite the gallant efforts of

Despite some excellent keeping by Eoin Montgomery in the
Kynog goal Sam Prendergast lead the scoring with a surberb
hat-trick for Bush Celtic, aided in the scoring by Adam
Hynes (2) and Peter Rennick (1).

Another display of fine goalkeeping by Eamon Keon in the
Bush Celtic goal denied fine efforts from Adam Condon and
Aidan Ralph for Kynog, their chances supplied by the
tireless efforts in midfield of both Alex Kilmurray and
Conor Somers.

Kynog Utd White
Eoin Montgormery, Conor Somers, Alex Kilmurray, Aidan Ralph,
Adam Condon, Jaime O'Brien, Gavin Keely.

Bush Celtic Green
Kevin Crowley, Michael Troy, Adam Hynes, Kieran Kelly, Alex
King, Sam Prendergast, Peter Rennick, Eamon Keon, Daniel
Duggan, Thomas Keaveney, Ben Coleman, John Collins.