Under 7 kynog United V Kill

On a beautiful sunny morning Kill Celtic travelled to Kynog Park. The last game of the season was definately the most exciting with it being a draw match until the final few minutes.

Kill Celtic opened the score with a great goal from Conor Jameson in the first few minutes. Kynog United fought back with Thomas Fallon who had a great game hitting the back of the Kill Celtic net. In the 2nd ten minutes of the first half Killian Burke scored for Kill Celtic and Thomas Fallon of Kynog United again responded with the help of his team mates Emmett Donoghue, Adam Dempsey and Evan Hunt to equalise the game. The scored stayed like this until the last 10 minutes of the 4th half when Kill Celtic got the better of the younger Kynog players adding another 3 scores one each for Killian Burke, Jack McGuire and Craig Bates leaving the final score Kill Celtic 5 Kynog Utd 2.

Kynogs younger players namely Cian Casey, Adam Condon, Liam Brady and Ger O'Connor have to be commended on their ever improving skills and dedication to the game.