Match Report Under 9 Kynog United V Clane United

On Saturday Kynog United took on Clane United at Kynog Park with kick off at 10.30.
There was a strong wind but the sunny was shining as both teams got ready for the match.
As kick off went under way Clane took control of the ball and worked their way up to the Kynog goal, but a good shot was an easy save for Kynog's keeper and Captain Catherine Fallon.
Jack Gorey, Anthoney Farrell and Keith Donough worked well together in mid-field driving the ball up past the Clane defenders and came so close to scoring, but some great saves by Clanes keeper Mark Doyle.
Eight minutes into the match and Clane broke through the Kynog defenders and Daniel Reilly scored the first goal of the match.
However Kynog kept their heads up and 2 minutes later the Kynog mid-fielders worked their way up the field and Anthoney Farrell shot the ball into the Clane net just before half time.
Both teams stepped up their game for the second half with near goals for both teams and some great defence from Kynog's Ciaran Walsh and Steven Burke.
Minutes into the second half and Steven Burke shot the ball up to Jack Gorey who scored another great goal for Kynog.
Somemore great moves for Kynog as five minutes left Keith Donough kicking a ball straight up to Jack Gorey who beat 3 Clane Defenders to score another goal.
Final score 3-1, with credit going to both teams for great team work.
Man of the match: Kynog's Steven Burke.