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Plastic bags dancing on the hedgerows are unsightly and they are difficult to deal with in landfill because the plastic does not break down. However up to 140 million plastic bags could be removed from the waste chain with the introduction of a degardable plastic checkout bag. These new bags will be used by SuperValu and Centra stores across the country from this month. The new bags will be as strong as the normal checkout bag but will start to break down after 18 months. The suppliers of the new bags say that the bags leave only carbon dioxide and water. As the majority of plastic waste in this country goes directly to landfill these new bags should go some towards reducing the amount of litter caused by supermarket bags. This is another chance for the consumer to make a difference - will you switch your shopping to SuperValu or Centra and do your bit to help the environment?


Compost bins are available at a reduced price of 20 from Kildare County Council. As well as well as reducing the amount of waste going to landfills, you also get the added bonus of free compost. These easy-to-use bins also come with full instructions. The Council are currently running a special offer - if you produce a till receipt for Tesco , Centra or Supervalue, with the relevant offer on it, you will get a free reusable shopping bag.

Recycling bins are located in a number of places in the wider are as follows: Allenwood glass & cans

Derrinturn glass & cans

Clane, Woods Centre glass & cans

Clane, Londis carpark textiles

Dag Welds carpark glass & cans

Kilcock Library glass & cans

Staplestown school cans

Many schools in the area also have Kildare County Council sponsored battery recycling units. Do make the effort to use these as batteries are regarded as hazardous waste and should not be disposed of in landfill. Kildare County Council are looking for sites for recycling banks please contact the Environment Section @873838 if you have a suitable location.

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