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________December Timahoe News________


Best Wishes go to Fergus and Patrica Croweof Timahoe who celebrated their 40th birthdays together recently. Many Happy returns to both of you!

Happy Birthday to James Kane of Timahoe who celebrated his 21st in November, and what a night it was. Thanks James.

Best wishes go to Connor Mangan of Timahoe who will celebrate his 6th birthday on the 8th Dec. Hope you have a great day, Connor.

Belated Birthday Wishes go to Mary Ryan, Blackwood and Andy Flaherty, Timahoe, who celebrated their birthdays on Nov 18th last.

Get Well Wishes go to Nancy Byrne and Bridget Carroll and Jim Heffernan, hope you are all feeling better soon.

Great to see Terry Doherty home again after his recent stay in hospital. Hope that will be your last visit Terry, take care.

Nancy Mangan home from hospital after a mini break. Great to see you on your feet again Nancy - take it easy now!!

Congratulations To Mr Mrs O'Sullivan from Upper Hodgestown on the birth of their new daughter recently.

Also to William & Cathriona Flaherty of Lower Hodgestown on the birth of their new baby son Michael. A Birthday Wish also to little Ciara who will be 2 years old on Dec. 17th.

If you would like to have news or celebrations mentioned in the MONA contact Pat at 863701 before the last Wednesday of each month.


The October Table Quiz was an impressive display of youth in action and true team spirit in operation. It was organised, co-ordinated, hosted and presented by team of enthusiastic young people. Quizmasters, collectors and correctors worked in harmony to produce and present a synchronised success.
Ger Cosgrove was the ultimate polished presenter, who jollied the ten participating tables along, in a relaxed but authoritative manner, while Tom Fox co-ordinated the collecting, correcting and scoring with professional precision. The result? A smooth, well run, professional quiz. Referring to them on the poster as " The Timahoe Terrors " did not do them justice. That night they earned the title " The Professionals ". Youth rules O.K. ? At the October Table Quiz we saw Timahoe Youth in action . Let me tell you they were not just O.K. They were terrific. Congratulations to Tom, Ger & team.

Paki Curtin will have a hard act to follow, when he presents the November Quiz but there's no better man to take up the challenge and undoubtedly he will impress us all with his unique charm and charisma on Friday, 30th.

There will not be a monthly Quiz in December. "Gentleman John and "The Legend" will host the first Quiz of 2002, on Friday,25th January, beginning another year of fun, controversy and debate.


Timahoe Community Development Council will facilitate a Quiz for the Senior pupils in Timahoe N.S. in December. Seasonal Table Quizzes have now become part and parcel of each school term . Christmas, Easter and Summer. We acknowledge the co-operation of Mr. Lynch and his Staff, in permitting us to arrange these events. Feedback has been very positive.


As mentioned in the October "Mona", Timahoe Community Development Council has liased with Kildare V.E.C. to organise a Spring Course for parents of 3 year olds - 8 year olds. This course is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, 6th February, 2002, in Kelly's Kitchen, and will run for 8 weeks, finishing before Easter.
We are very pleased to report that KILDARE V.E.C. has funded the course and we greatly appreciate their support.
The two facilitators, Ann Comerford and Mary Faughton will address the following issues
Parent's and Children's needs
Developing Self-Esteem
Choosing Reading materials
Child Development Homework Help

It promises to be enlightening, informative and fun. Places are limited to 15. Parents who have already reserved their places will be notified in January '02 of times and dates. If you are interested in helping yourself to help your child, please contact Margaret Kane to book your place( 863508 )


To promote our area, at home and abroad, we recently launched our "Christmas Greetings from Timahoe" promotion. Pupils from 3rd., 4th., 5th. and 6th. classes, in our local school, participated. Six talented artists will have their design printed on a Christmas card. The cards will feature designs by Jack Kenny , Rachel Mangan , Cassandra Delaney , Lisa Heffernan, Samantha Clince and Ronan Burke.
These will be sold in packs of six, and will promote the artist's work, our area and the message of Christmas.
Cards are available from Margaret Kane, Ger Kelly and through the school.


Our Active Age Group celebrated it's first birthday at our A.G.M., on Wednesday, 28th November. From a very modest beginning a year ago, "Kelly's Heroes" has flourished and blossomed. We have grown from one potential member at our initial meeting ( Brigid Heffernan), to five at our formation meeting, to 24 on the current membership list.
At our A.G,M., the overview of the year's events was impressive. The two Summer Trips were undoubtedly the highlights but the monthly social get-togethers were also enjoyable ---- chatting, catching up on the latest news, music / Table Quizzes/ Euro Presentation.
The detailed Financial Report showed a hale and hearty balance. The monthly Raffles are cost-free, as the prizes are donated. The Refreshments likewise.
Four musicians entertained us during the year. Colm Hickson, Ger Casey , Brian Kelly and Dan Singer volunteered their time and talents, free of charge, to brighten our hearts with their songs and music.
The Athlone Trip and the Wicklow Outing were totally funded by our three main sources of funding.. Lotto Sheets, the Counter Bottle and anonymous donations. The balance will adequately meet our two upcoming events.
A Christmas Social for our members will be held in "The Hamlet" on Friday, 7th December.
The committee who will steer the active age group over the coming year are Maragret Kane, Chairperson; Shirley Higgins, Secretary and Ger Kelly, Treasurer. Organising and co-ordinating the monthly get-together will be rotated among the committee so each will bring their own flavour to the event.
Mrs. Eithne Herbert from the Allenwood Day Care Centre extended a very warm invitation to the active age group and indeed to all the senior members of the community to avail of the facilities in Allenwood.
On Wednesday, 19th December, our Active Age Group will host a Christmas party, in Kelly's, for members and neighbours. Ger Kelly initiated this most successful and worthwhile event last year and we are delighted to uphold the tradition this year. We acknowledge the generosity of the Lotto and Counter Bottle supporters and of our 7 anonymous donors who have made this possible.
Both Members and non-members of the group will celebrate at the Christmas party on Dec 19th. in true Timahoe spirit, with neighbours and friends, courtesy of neighbours and friends. We'll raise a glass to you and to your kindness in Kelly's, on 19th December.


In June 2000, Timahoe Community Development Council purchased 3 gazebos, with the Field Day in mind. During the Summer months of 2000, we were happy to be able to meet requests to offer them for other events, both inside and outside the area. When this year's Field Day was approaching, we discovered that we could only locate one and all our efforts to track down the other two have been unsuccessful. Have you any idea were they now reside ? We would welcome their return, as they are useful when organising outside events.


Christmas is traditionally the season of good will.
Timahoe Community Development Council would like to avail of this appropriate opportunity to acknowledge the many, many people from Timahoe and from neighbouring areas for the goodwill shown to us, not only at Christmas but throughout the year.


Our monthly newsletter distributors
Our monthly Quiz presenters
Our Field Day sponsors, stallholders and helpers
Our Active Age musicians Fr. Ramsbottom P.P. and Seamus Lynch, Principal Our public representatives, P.J. Sheridan, Michael Fitzpatrick, Bernard Durkan, Brendan Weld
Kildare Co. Council and Kildare V.E.C.
Our local reporter, John Roddy,
Our Committees and sub-committees, past & present
All who have generously supported our events and efforts "to serve, develop and enrich"



Don’t forget that it is up to all of us to look out for the more vulnerable in our neighbourhood. If you see something suspicious phone your local community alert contact or Paddy Maher at 086 –2582320.

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