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A Public Meeting was held in Kelly’s Lounge on 17th May, to discuss the proposed Drehid Dump. The aims of this meeting were:
To clarify the exact location
To identify the refuse catchment area
To estimate environmental damage
To highlight health risks
To establish the impact on our community
The Goal was to enable our community to make an informed decision on the proposed site. This report of the meeting, as summarised by Margaret Kane, was published in the “Leinster Leader”. It raised the question “WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF DREHID BOG??” Perhaps an even more important question is “CAN WE PROTECT THE FUTURE OF DREHID, AS A BOG?”

“PUBLIC MEETING: Almost one hundred people attended a public meeting in Kelly’s lounge, Timahoe on Thursday 17th May. The agenda had a single focus - the proposed landfill site in Drehid. The most recent information on the proposal, as furnished by Kildare County Council, was heatedly discussed. That so many high profile people attended was an indication of the concern this issue has evoked in this rural, tranquil community.
Bernard Durkan, M. Fitzpatrick, S. Power, P. J. Sheridan, T. McEvoy and J. Reilly contributed their views. Special interest groups, Wild Ireland, Duchas, Kildare Failte, North West Kildare gave their perspective. Outraged environmentalists outlined the irreparable damage a dump would cause.
Action to procure an effective Waste Management Plan was urged. Feelings among the members of the Drehid/Timahoe community ranged from confusion as to the exact location of the proposed dump and anger at being literally “dumped” upon. P. J. Gorey spoke eloquently of the bog as a “living museum” - our past, present and future which begged the question,
“What is the future of Drehid Bog?.” An Action Group was formed to ascertain just that. Members are Larry Martin, Martin Murray, Gerry Woods, Sheila Carter, Walter McKeon, Jane Mangan, Luke Dunne, John Dunne, Shirley Higgins, Paddy McNally, Adam Hanbridge and Brendan Weld. This Group will strive to ensure that Drehid Bog will remain a legacy that generations will be proud to inhert.”


Three Planning Meetings have already been held to arrange Field Day 2001. Thanks to the support and co-operation of Fr. Ramsbottom and Mr. Lynch, our fourth Annual Field Day will be held in the grounds of Timahoe NS. A crucial meeting for stall / event organisers will be held on Thursday, 14th June , to tie up loose ends and firm up details. We urge all organisers and anyone who would like to help us on the day - as a steward ( co-ordinator ) stall holder - to come along to Kelly’s on 14th June, @ 8.00 p.m. We NEED your help, to make our Field Day a success.


Mary Fallon added a new qualification to her C.V. on Friday, 25th May. She took her courage in both hands and donned her quizmistress’s hat …. Not an easy task for someone as gentle and soft spoken as Mary, considering our Table Quizzes can sometimes …… well, most times….. be quite controversial, but Mary, ably assisted by Frank, steered it smoothly through. Well done, Mary and Frank!!! And many thanks to all who supported the Community House Building Fund by taking part in the quiz and donating prizes for the raffle.
As well as being a fund raising event, the monthly table quiz has proved to be a great social night for all who attend. There is always a friendly atmosphere with good humoured banter between the players. The quiz night on 25th of May was living proof of a community coming together to enjoy themselves, with participants from all corners of the parish. The June quiz will be co-hosted by Dessie and Tom. The burning question is ….. who will accept the hot seat, for the July Quiz?
Give it a shot…. It will look great on your C.V.!!!

(a member of Tir na Mona)

Your support and generosity helped to make our Field Day a very successful and enjoyable event last year. The bottle Stall, the Book Stall and the Bric-a-Brac were firm favourites. Can we call on you to help us again this year?

BOTTLE STALL: ANyTHING in a BOTTLE, CAN or JAR will be welcome. The following list of suggestions may be helpful.

Minerals Wine Dog Food Shampoo Biscuits Salad Dressings Tuna Cat Food Conditioner Honey Shaving Foam Mousse Jam Spray Polish Peas Air Freshener Perfume Spirits Sauces Coffee Bubble Bath Hair Spray Beans Beer Lager Shoe Polish Hair Gel Sweets Tinned Fruit Corn

Do you have any books to donate to our Book Stall? All types of books are welcome……… Children’s books, novels, magazines etc.

All kinds of everything required for this stall……………Unwanted presents, ornaments, delph, toys, household goods…………..
A member of our committee will call weekend:
15th - 17th June weekend:
22nd - 24th June
Donations to any of the above Stall can be collected by contacting the Stall organiser.
BOTTLE STALL: Margaret Kane…….8633508 BOOK
STALL : Aileen Saunders……863517
BRIC-A-BRAC : Margaret Kane……..863508


The Timahoe Active Age Group will hold it’s Get Together, as usual, on the last Wednesday of the month, June 27th. Ideas for our Summer Outing will be the main topic of conversation. A very warm welcome awaits you, in Kelly’s, @ 9.00p.m., on Wednesday, 27th June.


At 2.55 p.m., on Sunday, 20th May, cars began to converge on Kelly’s Lounge. @ 3.00p.m. they were under starter’s orders. @ 3.01p.m., the first of 18 cars left on the Treasures Trail, to follow Paula’s 58 clues. All arrived back safely and of course, sparkling conversation and some controversy ensued, adding to the overall enjoyment of the day. It was a tremendous success. Many thanks to Paula and our sponsors - Coill Dubh + District Credit Union, M.K. Maintenance and Ger Kelly and everyone who turned up on the day and supported us. The proceeds of the Treasure Trail will purchase two Community Notice Boards. Austin Brady has given us permission to erect one, in viewing distance of parents dropping and collecting children, to and from school. A site for the second is being researched. These boards are for community use (groups and individuals) to cover lost and found, buy and sell, upcoming events etc.


A meeting was held at Timahoe N.S. on Wednesday 16th May to discuss funding to supply and install a prefab at the school for this September to facilitate our new teacher. In the long term funds need to be raised for a permanent classroom and refurbishment to the school. A committee was formed and there were many ideas of ways to raise funds the first being sponsorship of some parents taking part in the ladies Mini Marathon on June 4th.Many thanks to those who attended the meeting. The next meeting will be held at 8pm on Wednesday June 6th . Please attend we need your support. Timahoe N.S. fundraising committee

The pupils, teachers and parents of the school thank Timahoe Community Development Council for sponsoring a table quiz in the school recently. Nine tables took part. 1st Francis Kilcoyne, Theresa Barron, Aishling Carroll, Sandra Byrne, Tommy Flaherty. 2nd Karen Brosnan, Grainne Carrol, Leanne Dwyer, Craig Casey, Rachel Smith. 3rd Orla Kelly, James Tracey, Sabrina Cox, Sean Mangan, Bridget Dunne, Cassandra Delaney.
Thanks especially to Margaret Kane for organising the quiz and purchasing prizes. Congratulations to the U. 11 team who came 1st in the Coill Dubh and District Credit Union Quiz. Th team consisted of Emma Kelly, Karl Bourke, Sabrina Cox and David Higgins.
They went on to represent the district at Chapter level. They did not win but achieved a very high score competing against much larger schools. At the local District Level Quiz the U. 13 team came 4th place. Francis Kilcoyne, Emma Owens, Natasha Moore and Cian Bell. Well done to all the children.


Good Luck to Patricia Kelly, Paula McEvoy, Alma Kenny and Frances Brogan who are doing the Mini Marathon in June in aid of the new classroom for Timahoe N.S. in September. We hope they all do well. Your support will be greatly appreciated.


Well done to Bridget on passing her driving test recently, there‘ll be no stopping her now!

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