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Trip To Transylvania

Around 500 years ago a ship lost its way. It made its way to a ghostly island. WOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! “What was that ?,” said the first mate. “Probably the wind”, said the captain. The crew found a castle. A bat fluttered past them. “This place gives me the creeps”, someone said. They fell asleep. During the night someone screamed.AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! They woke up. They saw nothing unusual. In the morning they found one of their number dead. His throat was torn open. “What the blazes happened him?”, said someone. “Dunno, looks like someone stabbed him in the neck”, said the captain. They went back to the ship but they found that it was sunk. They were stuck on the lonely island. For several hours they wondered what to do. That night what they thought was a human approached them. They were about to say hello when it attacked. It killed all except one of them. He ran down to the beach and made a raft. He sailed to the nearest island. He told every one what had happened. Every one thought he was drunk. No one believed him. The date was 31st of October 1500.

By Eoghan O’Sullivan,
Age 9 Tiermoghan


Our thoughts and prayers go to baby Oisisn Dunne and his parents this week. We wish them all the best and hope for a speedy homecoming for baby Oisin.


Congratulations and well done to the Coill Dbuh hurlers on their success in the county final against Naas. The win makes three in a row for the club. Well done to all concerned.

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