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The Wavey Candle

The wavey candle lights up the room,

With wax falling down the side,

Waving, waving through the night.

The wavey candle lights up the room,

Like a gleam in the night,

Waving, waving through the night.

By Amy and Emily Coyle

My Little Farm

I have a little farm in Donadea,

I have cows, calves, bullocks, a bull, some sheep and lambs.

I also have a dog and some wild cats.

I have two tractors, three trailers, one slurry tank, one agitator, yard scraper, loader and grab.

Summer Poem

Butterfly, Butterfly where do you go,

under the clouds where the flowers so grow.

Bumble bee, bumble bee where do you fly,

In through flowers where the pollen does lie.

Caterpillar, caterpillar where do you crawl,

On the high leaves be careful don’t you fall.

Grasshopper, grasshopper where do you hop

Over the short grass with a Hippity Hop.

By Marie & Seonadh Kearns

Farm Animals

Where do you eat my little sheep and where do you sleep my little sheep. What is your colour, is it black or white or is it both of them colours.

By Marie Doran


This troll here has a very long nose.

This troll there has rainbow toes.

This troll here has sticky-out ears.

This trolls been like that for years.

But the best looking trolls of all by far.......

are me and Dad and Great Grandma.

By Ashleigh Connors


My little tweety bird that sings.

High up in a tree.

You sing all day and all night.

You make me very happy.

When I hear you sing.

By Marie Doran

The Night Train to Istanbul

The night train to Istanbul is a very dangerous train. People are supposed to have gone missing and killed but it is the only transport to Istanbul.  My brother lives there.  He has been living there for five years now.   He wrote a letter to me last week saying that he is very ill and he would really appreciate if I went over to him for a few days.  So I got ready and headed for the train station.  I got on the train and it seemed alright, but them the train started to move and all the lights switched off and the noise from the engines was so loud you could not hear yourself shout but sometimes I could hear people scream.  Oh yes,   I could hear people all the time.  The noise from the engines was so loud it was like a big explosion the whole time.  At one stage we slightly touched off a wall and sparks flew everywhere.  That was the only time for a few seconds I could see around me.  All I got to see was a person lying close to me on the ground and a woman with three children all shaking with fear.  But then it went pitch dark again.   I didn’t know if he or she was alive or dead, but then suddenly I heard screaming.  Across from me was where the woman and her children had been sitting. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed still.  Finally after I don’t know how many hours the lights come back on.  The train stopped.  I looked around and across where the woman and her children were.  There was only one child left.   The rest of the children and their mother had disappeared and the person that was lying on the ground had also disappeared.  But when I finally got to my brothers he was all right.  I could not go home because I was too afraid of the night train to Istanbul.

By Neal Tansey


Inniu an Deardaoin. Tá an ghrian ag taitneamh. Tá na scammail sa speir. An t-earrach atá ann. Tá se fuar freisin. Tá pluiríni ag fás sa ghairdín.  Tá na h-éin ag canadh. Tá bachlog ag fás ar an crainn. Chuir mé an bolgan sa ghairdín.  Tá  lus an chroimchinn agus pluiríni sneachta agus sabhairin agus tiulip ag fás. Is maith liom an tiulip. Tá uan sa phairc. Agus tá an sicín éan sa chrann. Tá na lacha sa loch. Tá lao sa phairc. Tá an leanbh coinin ag sugradh sa phairc. Tá an h-éin ag ithe na gcnonna.

By Mimi Morrin O’Rourke

A visit to Lapland

It was a freezing cold day and my mother was cooking the dinner.  My name is Sabrina and I live in a town called Ballygobackwards.  I know its a silly name but it is a great place.  I love winter here because it always snows and there is always about five inches of snow. Last Christmas I got the biggest surprise ever.  It started when I entered a competition for a chance to go see Santa in Lapland.  Time went past and I said "It will probably be a stupid trip anyway". I just said that because I knew I wouldn’t win.  Then one day I had a surprise in the post.  I had won!  I got to go on a plane and a train and a bus, it was very tiring.  As we were on the bus to Lapland village my mother woke me up.  As I looked up I saw bright lights, it was Lapland.  I quickly woke up and couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was brilliant. At once a helper dressed as an elf brought us inside the building.  I could see elves making toys and the raindeers been groomed.  The elf stopped and said my parents will go unpack and I will go into Santa.  When he opened the huge door I saw Santa reading lots and lots of letters from lots and lots of children.  I got to tell him what I would like and also I got a tour.  After a week we went home for Christmas day.  I got what I wanted and lots more.  It was the best and I only wish that this year could be as good as last year.

By Mary Hopkins

A Shipwreck

Once Paul was going on holiday.  He was going on a ship over to New York.  The ship had a swimming pool and McDonalds and his room was massive.  He went to his sister Aries.  She was really posh.  She always said "Get out of my way, you little pest" but Paul didn’t mind.  In fact he would say "Shut your mouth or I shall break your neck".  They were really enemies to each other.  And when they were going home the ship bashed into a rock and lost the bottom.  Water was raising, windows were breaking.  Paul didn’t get a life jacket.  He found a dead person and took his.  Then water came up. He ran as fast as he could and fell.  The water picked and floated him away.   He quickly grabbed on to a ladder and climbed up it.  He found his family lying dead on the floor.  But his cousin got him and went off on a life boat and went home.

By Michael

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