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The quantity of household and commercial waste disposed of annually by local authorities is estimated at 1.1 million tones. The cost of disposing of this waste is a drain on the resources of local authorities in terms of landfill sites, transport and manpower, and there is the loss to the economy of the valuable materials which are dumped. A further 4.86 million tonnes of waste is disposed of by private firms.

LITTER: Despite the work of local authorities, a large portion of the country’s waste ends up as unsightly litter from the street compared with collecting it from households.


Many materials that are disposed of in the dustbin can be recycled or reused in some way.

PAPER: Newspapers, office stationery, computer printouts and cardboard are recycled by companies in Ireland.

GLASS: Glass when sorted into three basic colours (clear, brown and green) is crushed, is used as a substitute for the raw materials by Irish Glass plc.

CLOTHES & RAGS: Good quality second-hand clothes etc have been long sought after for charitable purposes.

COMPOST: Vegetable peelings, tea leaves, garden refuse and small quantities of shredded and soaked newspapers can be composted for use as a valuable garden fertiliser.


* Energy

* Raw materials

* Waste Disposal costs

* Import Bills

* Trees

* The need for Landfill Sites

Recycling reduces litter and protects the environment. Recycling can also create jobs!


  • Begin by understanding the value of the waste that is thrown in your bin.
  • Develop a recycling mentality. Sort out your household waste into glass, newspaper, cans, etc.
  • Bring to the nearest collection station.
  • If there is no collection point help start one up through your Community Groups.
  • Seek the co-operation of your local authority.
  • Encourage your neighbours and friends to re-cycle also.
  • Re-use plastic shopping bags.



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